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was. Hovobovo hafogate hokidimatzi in kamicha! He had his1
sperrits all foulen on him; to vet, most griposly, he was bedizzled2
and debuzzled; he had his tristiest cabaleer on; and looked like3
bruddy Hal. A shelling a cockshy and be donkey shot at? Or a4
peso besant to join the armada?5
    But, Sin Showpanza, could anybroddy which walked this world 6
with eyes whiteopen have looked twinsomer than the kerl he left7
behind him? Candidatus, viridosus, aurilucens, sinelab? Of all8
the green heroes everwore coton breiches, the whitemost, the9
goldenest! How he stud theirs with himselfs mookst kevinly, and10
that anterevolitionary, the churchman childfather from tonsor's11
tuft to almonder's toes, a haggiography in duotrigesumy, son12
soptimost of sire sixtusks, of Mayaqueenies sign osure, hevnly13
buddhy time, inwreathed of his near cissies, a mickly dazzly eely14
oily with looiscurrals, a soulnetzer by zvesdals priestessd, their15
trail the tractive, and dem dandypanies knows de play of de eye-16
lids, with his gamecox spurts and his smile likequid glue (the17
suessiest sourir ever weanling wore), whiles his host of spritties,18
lusspillerindernees, they went peahenning a ripidarapidarpad19
around him, pilgrim prinkips, kerilour kevinour, in neuchoristic20
congressulations, quite purringly excited, rpdrpd, allauding to21
him by all the licknames in the litany with the terms in which22
no little dulsy nayer ever thinks about implying except to her23
future's year and sending him perfume most praypuffs to setis-24
fire more then to teasim (shllwe help, now you've massmuled,25
you t'rigolect a bit? yismik? yimissy?) that he, the finehued, the26
fairhailed, the farahead, might bouchesave unto each but every-27
one, asfar as safras durst assune, the havemercyonhurs of his28
kissier licence. Meanings: Andure the enjurious till imbetther rer.29
We know you like Latin with essies impures, (and your liber as30
they sea) we certney like gurgles love the nargleygargley so, arrah-31
beejee, tell that old frankay boyuk to bellows upthe tombucky in32
his tumtum argan and give us a gust of his gushy old. Goof!33
    Hymnumber twentynine. O, the singing! Happy little girly- 34
cums to have adolphted such an Adelphus! O, the swinginging35
hopops so goholden! They've come to chant en chor. They say36