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and if he hadn't got it toothick he'd a telltale tall of his pitcher1
on a wall with his photure in the papers for cutting moutonlegs2
and capers, letting on he'd jest be japers and his tail cooked up.3
    Goal! It's one by its length. 4
    Angelinas, hide from light those hues that your sin beau may 5
bring to light! Though down to your dowerstrip he's bent to6
knee he maun't know ledgings here.7
    For a haunting way will go and you need not make your mow. 8
Find the frenge for frocks and translace it into shocks of such as9
touch with show and show.10
    He is guessing at hers for all he is worse, the seagoer. Hark to 11
his wily geeses goosling by, and playfair, lady! And note that they12
who will for exile say can for dog while them that won't leave13
ingle end says now for know.14
    For he faulters how he hates to trouble them without. 15
    But leaving codhead's mitre and the heron's plumes sinistrant 16
to the server of servants and rex of regums and making a bolder-17
dash for lubberty of speech he asks not have you seen a match18
being struck nor is this powder mine but, letting punplays pass19
to ernest:20
          Haps thee jaoneofergs? 21
          Nao. 22
          Haps thee mayjaunties? 23
          Naohao. 24
          Haps thee per causes nunsibellies? 25
          Naohaohao. 26
          Asky, asky, asky! Gau on! Micaco! Get! 27
    Ping an ping nwan ping pwan pong. 28
    And he did a get, their anayance, and slink his hook away, 29
aleguere come alaguerre. like a chimista inchamisas, whom the30
harricana hurries and hots foots, zingo, zango, segur. To hoots31
of utskut, urqurd, jamal, qum, yallah, yawash, yak! For he could32
ciappacioppachew upon a skarp snakk of pure undefallen engelsk,33
melanmoon or tartatortoise, tsukisaki or soppisuppon, as raskly34
and as baskly as your cheesechalk cow cudd spanich. Makoto!35
Whagta kriowday! Gelagala nausy is. Yet right divining do not36