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Cokerycokes, it's his spurt of coal. And may his tarpitch dilute1
not give him chromitis! For the mauwe that blinks you blank is2
mostly Carbo. Where the inflammabilis might pursuive his com-3
burenda with a pure flame and a true flame and a flame all too-4
gasser, soot. The worst is over. Wait! And the dubuny Mag may5
gang to preesses. With Dinny Finneen, me canty, ho! In the lost6
of the gleamens. Sousymoust. For he would himself deal a treat-7
ment as might be trusted in anticipation of his inculmination unto8
fructification for the major operation. When (pip!) a message9
interfering intermitting interskips from them (pet!) on herzian10
waves, (call her venicey names! call her a stell!) a butterfly from11
her zipclasped handbag, a wounded dove astarted from, escaping12
out her forecotes. Isle wail for yews, O doherlynt! The poetesser.13
And around its scorched cap she has twilled a twine of flame to14
let the laitiest know she's marrid. And pim it goes backballed. Tot15
burns it so leste. A claribel cumbeck to errind. Hers before his16
even, posted ere penned. He's your change, thinkyou methim.17
Go daft noon, madden, mind the step. Please stoop O to please.18
Stop. What saying? I have soreunder from to him now, dear-19
mate ashore, so, so compleasely till I can get redressed, which20
means the end of my stays in the languish of Tintangle. Is you21
zealous of mes, brother? Did you boo moiety lowd? You sup-22
poted to be the on conditiously rejected? Satanly, lade! Can that23
sobstuff, whingeywilly! Stop up, mavrone, and sit in my lap,24
Pepette, though I'd much rather not. Like things are m. ds. is all25
in vincibles. Decoded.26
    Now a run for his money! Now a dash to her dot! Old cocker, 27
young crowy sifadda, sosson. A bran new, speedhount, out-28
stripperous on the wind. Like a waft to wingweary one or a sos29
to a coastguard. For directly with his whoop, stop and an upa-30
lepsy didando a tishy, in appreciable less time than it takes a31
glaciator to submerger an Atlangthis, was he again, agob, before32
the trembly ones, a spark's gap off, doubledasguesched, gotten33
orlop in a simplasailormade and shaking the storm out of his34
hiccups. The smartest vessel you could find would elazilee him35
on her knee as her lucky for the Rio Grande. He's a pigtaiI tarr36