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me there title to where was a hovel not a havel (the first rattle of1
his juniverse) with a tingtumtingling and a next, next and next2
(gin a paddy? got a petty? gussies, gif it ope?), while itch ish3
          My God, alas, that dear olt tumtum home 5
    Whereof in youthfood port I preyed 6
    Amook the verdigrassy convict vallsall dazes. 7
    And cloitered for amourmeant in thy boosome shede! 8
    His mouthfull of ecstasy (for Shing-Yung-Thing in Shina from 9
Yoruyume across the Timor Sea), herepong (maladventure!) shot10
pinging up through the errorooth of his wisdom (who thought11
him a Fonar all, feastking of shellies by googling Lovvey, regally12
freytherem, eagelly plumed, and wasbut gumboil owrithy prods13
wretched some horsery megee plods coffin acid odarkery pluds14
dense floppens mugurdy) as thought it had been zawhen intwo.15
Wholly sanguish blooded up disconvulsing the fixtures of his16
fizz. Apang which his tempory chewer med him a crazy chump17
of a Haveajube Sillayass. Joshua Croesus, son of Nunn! Though18
he shall live for millions of years a life of billions of years, from19
their roseaced glows to their violast lustres, he shall not forget20
that pucking Pugases. Holihowlsballs and bloody acres! Like21
gnawthing unheardth!22
    But, by Jove Chronides, Seed of Summ, after at he had bate 23
his breastplates for, forforget, forforgetting his birdsplace, it was24
soon that, that he, that he rehad himself. By a prayer? No, that25
comes later. By contrite attrition? Nay, that we passed. Mid26
esercizism? So is richt.27
    And it was so. And Malthos Moramor resumed his soul. With: 28
Go Ferchios off to Allad out of this! An oldsteinsong. He threwed29
his fit up to his aers, rolled his poligone eyes, snivelled from his30
snose and blew the guff out of his hornypipe. The hopjoimt jerk31
of a ladle broom jig that he learned in locofoco when a redhot32
turnspite he. Under reign of old Roastin the Bowl Ratskillers,33
readyos! Why was that man for he's doin her wrong! Lookery34
looks, how he's knots in his entrails! Mookery mooks, it's a35
grippe of his gripes. Seekeryseeks, why his biting he's head off?36