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yoeureeke of his spectrescope and why he was off colour and how1
he was ambothed upon by the very spit of himself, first on the2
cheekside by Michelangelo and, besouns thats, over on the owld3
jowly side by Bill C. Babby, and the suburb's formule why they4
provencials drollo eggspilled him out of his homety dometry nar-5
rowedknee domum (osco de basco de pesco de bisco!) because6
all his creature comfort was an omulette finas erbas in an ark finis7
orbe and, no master how mustered, mind never mend, he could8
neither swuck in nonneither swimp in the flood of cecialism and9
the best and schortest way of blacking out a caughtalock of all10
the sorrors of Sexton until he would accoster her coume il fou in11
teto-dous as a wagoner would his mudheeldy wheesindonk at12
their trist in Parisise after tourments of tosend years, bread cast13
out on waters, making goods at mutuurity, Mondamoiseau of14
Casanuova and Mademoisselle from Armentières. Neblonovi's15
Nivonovio! Nobbio and Nuby in ennoviacion! Occitantitempoli!16
He would si through severalls of sanctuaries maywhatmay might-17
whomight so as to meet somewhere, if produced, on a demi pans-18
sion for his whole lofetime, payment in goo to slee music and19
poisonal comfany, following which, like Ipsey Secumbe, when he20
fingon to foil the fluter, she could have all the g. s. M. she moo-21
hooed after fore and rickwards to herslF, including science of22
sonorous silence, while he, being brung up on soul butter, have23
recourse of course to poetry. With tears for his coronaichon,24
such as engines weep. Was liffe worth leaving? Nej!25
    Tholedoth, treetrene! Zokrahsing, stone! Arty, reminiscen- 26
sitive, at bandstand finale on grand carriero, dreaming largesse27
of lifesighs over early lived offs       all old Sators of the Sowsceptre28
highly nutritius family histrionic, genitricksling with Avus and29
Avia, that simple pair, and descendant down on veloutypads by a30
vuncular process to Nurus and Noverca, those notorious nepotists,31
circumpictified in their sobrine census, patriss all of them by the32
glos on their germane faces and their socerine eyes like transparents33
of vitricus, patruuts to a man, the archimade levirs of his ekonome34
world. Remember thee, castle throwen? Ones propsperups treed,35
now stohong baroque. And oil paint use a pumme if yell trace36