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is a little tittertit of hilarity (Lad-o'-me-soul! Lad-o'-me-soul,1
see!) and the wordchary is atvoiced ringsoundinly by their toots2
ensembled, though not meaning to be clever, but just with a shrug3
of their hips to go to troy and harff a freak at himself by all that4
story to the ulstramarines. Otherwised, holding their noises,5
they insinuate quiet private, Ni, he make peace in his preaches6
and play with esteem.7
    Warewolff! Olff! Toboo! 8
    So olff for his topheetuck the ruck made raid, aslick aslegs 9
would run; and he ankered on his hunkers with the belly belly10
prest. Asking: What's my muffinstuffinaches for these times? To11
weat: Breath and bother and whatarcurss. Then breath more12
bother and more whatarcurss. Then no breath no bother but wor-13
rawarrawurms. And Shim shallave shome.14
    As Rigagnolina to Mountagnone, what she meaned he could 15
not can. All she meaned was golten sylvup, all she meaned was16
some Knight's ploung jamn. It's driving her dafft like he's so17
dumnb. If he'd lonely talk instead of only gawk as thought yate-18
man hat stuck hits stick althrough his spokes and if he woold nut19
wolly so! Hee. Speak, sweety bird! Mitzymitzy! Though I did20
ate tough turf I'm not the bogdoxy.21
          Have you monbreamstone? 22
          No. 23
          or Hellfeuersteyn? 24
          No. 25
          Or Van Diemen's coral pearl? 26
          No. 27
    He has lost. 28
    Off to clutch, Glugg! Forwhat! Shape your reres, Glugg! 29
Foreweal! Ring we round, Chuff! Fairwell! Chuffchuff's inners30
even. All's rice with their whorl!31
    Yet, ah tears, who can her mater be? She's promised he'd eye 32
her. To try up her pretti. But now it's so longed and so fared and33
so forth. Jerry for jauntings. Alabye! Fled.34
    The flossies all and mossies all they drooped upon her draped 35
brimfall. The bowknots, the showlots, they wilted into woeblots.36