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on. Mirrylamb, she was shuffering all the diseasinesses of the un-1
herd of. Mary Louisan Shousapinas! If Arck could no more salve2
his agnols from the wiles of willy wooly woolf! If all the airish3
signics of her dipandump helpabit from an Father Hogam till4
the Mutther Masons could not that Glugg to catch her by the5
calour of her brideness! Not Rose, Sevilla nor Citronelle; not6
Esmeralde, Pervinca nor Indra; not Viola even nor all of them7
four themes over. But, the monthage stick in the melmelode jawr,8
I am (twintomine) all thees thing. Up tighty in the front, down9
again on the loose, drim and drumming on her back and a pop10
from her whistle. What is that, O holytroopers? Isot givin yoe?11
    Up he stulpled, glee you gees, with search a fling did die near 12
sea, beamy owen and calmy hugh and if you what you my call for13
me I will wishyoumaycull for you.14
    And they are met, face a facing. They are set, force to force. 15
And no such Copenhague-Marengo was less so fated for a fall16
since in Glenasmole of Smiling Thrushes Patch Whyte passed17
O'Sheen ascowl.18
    Arrest thee, scaldbrother! came the evangelion, sabre accu- 19
sant, from all Saint Joan's Wood to kill or maim him, and be20
dumm but ill s'arrested. Et would proffer to his delected one the21
his trifle from the grass.22
    A space. Who are you? The cat's mother. A time. What do 23
you lack? The look of a queen.24
    But what is that which is one going to prehend? Seeks, buzzling 25
is brains, the feinder.26
    The howtosayto itiswhatis hemustwhomust worden schall. 27
A darktongues, kunning. O theoperil! Ethiaop lore, the poor lie.28
He askit of the hoothed fireshield but it was untergone into the29
matthued heaven. He soughed it from the luft but that bore ne30
mark ne message. He luked upon the bloomingrund where ongly31
his corns were growning. At last he listed back to beckline how32
she pranked alone so johntily. The skand for schooling.33
    With nought a wired from the wordless either. 34
    Item. He was hardset then. He wented to go (somewhere) while 35
he was weeting. Utem. He wished to grieve on the good persons, that36