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ment in the pit. Accidental music providentially arranged by1
L'Archet and Laccorde. Melodiotiosities in purefusion by the2
score. To start with in the beginning, we need hirtly bemark,3
a community prayer, everyone for himself, and to conclude4
with as an exodus, we think it well to add, a chorale in canon,5
good for us all for us all us all all. Songs betune the acts by6
the ambiamphions of Annapolis, Joan MockComic, male so-7
prano, and Jean Souslevin, bass noble, respectively: O, Mester8
Sogermon, ef thes es whot ye deux, then I'm not surpleased ye9
want that bottle of Sauvequipeu and Oh Off Nunch Der Rasche10
Ver Lasse Mitsch Nitscht. Till the summit scenes of climbacks11
castastrophear, The Bearded Mountain (Polymop Barethe-12
rootsch), and The River Romps to Nursery (Maidykins in Undi-13
form). The whole thugogmagog, including the portions under-14
stood to be oddmitted as the results of the respective titulars15
neglecting to produce themselves, to be wound up for an after-16
enactment by a Magnificent Transformation Scene showing the17
Radium Wedding of Neid and Moorning and the Dawn of18
Peace, Pure, Perfect and Perpetual, Waking the Weary of the19
    An argument follows. 21
    Chuffy was a nangel then and his soard fleshed light like like- 22
ning. Fools top! Singty, sangty, meekly loose, defendy nous from23
prowlabouts. Make a shine on the curst. Emen.24
    But the duvlin sulph was in Glugger, that lost-to-lurning. 25
Punct. He was sbuffing and sputing, tussing like anisine, whip-26
ping his eyesoult and gnatsching his teats over the brividies from27
existers and the outher liubbocks of life. He halth kelchy chosen28
a clayblade and makes prayses to his three of clubs. To part from29
these, my corsets, is into overlusting fear. Acts of feet, hoof and30
jarrety: athletes longfoot. Djowl, uphere!31
    Aminxt that nombre of evelings, but how pierceful in their so- 32
jestiveness were those first girly stirs, with zitterings of flight re-33
leased and twinglings of twitchbells in rondel after, with waver-34
ings that made shimmershake rather naightily all the duskcended35
airs and shylit beaconings from shehind hims back. Sammy, call36