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up, as we discover, because he knew to mutch, has been divorced1
into disgrace court by2
    THE FLORAS (Girl Scouts from St. Bride's Finishing Establish- 3
ment, demand acidulateds), a month's bunch of pretty maidens4
who, while they pick on her, their pet peeve, form with valkyri-5
enne licence the guard for6
    IZOD (Miss Butys Pott, ask the attendantess for a leaflet), a be- 7
witching blonde who dimples delightfully and is approached in8
loveliness only by her grateful sister reflection in a mirror, the cloud9
of the opal, who, having jilted Glugg, is being fatally fascinated by10
    CHUFF (Mr Sean O'Mailey, see the chalk and sanguine picto- 11
graph on the safety drop), the fine frank fairhaired fellow of the12
fairytales, who wrestles for tophole with the bold bad bleak boy13
Glugg, geminally about caps or puds or tog bags or bog gats or14
chuting rudskin gunerally or something, until they adumbrace a15
pattern of somebody else or other, after which they are both car-16
ried off the set and brought home to be well soaped, sponged and17
scrubbed again by18
    ANN (Miss Corrie Corriendo, Grischun scoula, bring the babes, 19
Pieder, Poder and Turtey, she mistributes mandamus monies,20
after perdunamento, hendrud aloven entrees, pulcinellis must not21
miss our national rooster's rag), their poor little old mother-in-22
lieu, who is woman of the house, playing opposite to23
    HUMP (Mr Makeall Gone, read the sayings from Laxdalesaga 24
in the programme about King Ericus of Schweden and the spirit's25
whispers in his magical helmet), cap-a-pipe with watch and top-26
per, coat, crest and supporters, the cause of all our grievances,27
the whirl, the flash and the trouble, who, having partially re-28
covered from a recent impeachment due to egg everlasting, but29
throughandthoroughly proconverted, propounded for cyclo-30
logical, is, studding sail once more, jibsheets and royals, in the31
semblance of the substance for the membrance of the umbrance32
with the remnance of the emblence reveiling a quemdam super-33
cargo, of The Rockery, Poopinheavin, engaged in entertaining34
in his pilgrimst customhouse at Caherlehome-upon-Eskur those35
statutory persons36