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Yuinness or Yennessy, Laagen or Niger, for Festus King and1
Roaring Peter and Frisky Shorty and Treacle Tom and O. B.2
Behan and Sully the Thug and Master Magrath and Peter Cloran3
and O'Delawarr Rossa and Nerone MacPacem and whoever you4
chance to meet knocking around; and a pig's bladder balloon for5
Selina Susquehanna Stakelum. But what did she give to Pruda6
Ward and Katty Kanel and Peggy Quilty and Briery Brosna and7
Teasy Kieran and Ena Lappin and Muriel Maassy and Zusan Camac8
and Melissa Bradogue and Flora Ferns and Fauna Fox-Good-9
man and Grettna Greaney and Penelope Inglesante and Lezba10
Licking like Leytha Liane and Roxana Rohan with Simpatica11
Sohan and Una Bina Laterza and Trina La Mesme and Philomena12
O'Farrell and Irmak Elly and Josephine Foyle and Snakeshead13
Lily and Fountainoy Laura and Marie Xavier Agnes Daisy14
Frances de Sales Macleay? She gave them ilcka madre's daughter15
a moonflower and a bloodvein: but the grapes that ripe before16
reason to them that devide the vinedress. So on Izzy, her shame-17
maid, love shone befond her tears as from Shem, her penmight,18
life past befoul his prime.19
    My colonial, wardha bagful! A bakereen's dusind with tithe 20
tillies to boot. That's what you may call a tale of a tub ! And Hi-21
bernonian market! All that and more under one crinoline enve-22
lope if you dare to break the porkbarrel seal. No wonder they'd23
run from her pison plague. Throw us your hudson soap for the24
honour of Clane! The wee taste the water left. I'll raft it back,25
first thing in the marne. Merced mulde! Ay, and don't forget the26
reckitts I lohaned you. You've all the swirls your side of the cur-27
rent. Well, am I to blame for that if I have? Who said you're to28
blame for that if you have? You're a bit on the sharp side. I'm on29
the wide. Only snuffers' cornets drifts my way that the cracka30
dvine chucks out of his cassock, with her estheryear's marsh31
narcissus to make him recant his vanitty fair. Foul strips of his32
chinook's bible I do be reading, dodwell disgustered but chickled33
with chuckles at the tittles is drawn on the tattlepage. Senior ga34
dito: Faciasi Omo! E omo fu fò. Ho! Ho! Senior ga dito: Faciasi35
Hidamo! Hidamo se ga facessà. Ha! Ha! And Die Windermere36