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jary every dive she'd neb in her culdee sacco of wabbash she1
raabed and reach out her maundy meerschaundize, poor souvenir2
as per ricorder and all for sore aringarung, stinkers and heelers,3
laggards and primelads, her furzeborn sons and dribblederry4
daughters, a thousand and one of them, and wickerpotluck for5
each of them. For evil and ever. And kiks the buch. A tinker's6
bann and a barrow to boil his billy for Gipsy Lee; a cartridge of7
cockaleekie soup for Chummy the Guardsman; for sulky Pen-8
der's acid nephew deltoïd drops, curiously strong; a cough and9
a rattle and wildrose cheeks for poor Piccolina Petite MacFarlane;10
a jigsaw puzzle of needles and pins and blankets and shins between11
them for Isabel, Jezebel and Llewelyn Mmarriage; a brazen nose12
and pigiron mittens for Johnny Walker Beg; a papar flag of the13
saints and stripes for Kevineen O'Dea; a puffpuff for Pudge Craig14
and a nightmarching hare for Techertim Tombigby; waterleg15
and gumboots each for Bully Hayes and Hurricane Hartigan;16
a prodigal heart and fatted calves for Buck Jones, the pride of17
Clonliffe; a loaf of bread and a father's early aim for Val from18
Skibereen; a jauntingcar for Larry Doolin, the Ballyclee jackeen;19
a seasick trip on a government ship for Teague O'Flanagan; a20
louse and trap for Jerry Coyle; slushmincepies for Andy Mac-21
kenzie; a hairclip and clackdish for Penceless Peter; that twelve22
sounds look for G. V. Brooke; a drowned doll, to face down-23
wards for modest Sister Anne Mortimer; altar falls for Blanchisse's24
bed; Wildairs' breechettes for Magpeg Woppington; to Sue Dot25
a big eye; to Sam Dash a false step; snakes in clover, picked and26
scotched, and a vaticanned viper catcher's visa for Patsy Presbys;27
a reiz every morning for Standfast Dick and a drop every minute28
for Stumblestone Davy; scruboak beads for beatified Biddy; two29
appletweed stools for Eva Mobbely; for Saara Philpot a jordan30
vale tearorne; a pretty box of Pettyfib's Powder for Eileen Aruna31
to whiten her teeth and outflash Helen Arhone; a whippingtop32
for Eddy Lawless; for Kitty Coleraine of Butterman's Lane a33
penny wise for her foolish pitcher; a putty shovel for Terry the34
Puckaun; an apotamus mask for Promoter Dunne; a niester egg35
with a twicedated shell and a dynamight right for Pavl the Curate;36