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elb. Quick, look at her cute and saise her quirk for the bicker she1
lives the slicker she grows. Save us and tagus ! No more? Werra2
where in ourthe did you ever pick a Lambay chop as big as a3
battering ram? Ay, you're right. I'm epte to forgetting, Like4
Liviam Liddle did Loveme Long. The linth of my hough, I say !5
She wore a ploughboy's nailstudded clogs, a pair of ploughfields6
in themselves: a sugarloaf hat with a gaudyquiviry peak and a7
band of gorse for an arnoment and a hundred streamers dancing8
off it and a guildered pin to pierce it: owlglassy bicycles boggled9
her eyes: and a fishnetzeveil for the sun not to spoil the wrinklings10
of her hydeaspects: potatorings boucled the loose laubes of her11
laudsnarers: her nude cuba stockings were salmospotspeckled: she12
sported a galligo shimmy of hazevaipar tinto that never was fast13
till it ran in the washing: stout stays, the rivals, lined her length:14
her bloodorange bockknickers, a two in one garment, showed15
natural nigger boggers, fancyfastened, free to undo: her black-16
stripe tan joseph was sequansewn and teddybearlined, with wavy17
rushgreen epaulettes and a leadown here and there of royal18
swansruff: a brace of gaspers stuck in her hayrope garters: her19
civvy codroy coat with alpheubett buttons was boundaried round20
with a twobar tunnel belt: a fourpenny bit in each pocketside21
weighed her safe from the blowaway windrush; she had a clothes-22
peg tight astride on her joki's nose and she kep on grinding a23
sommething quaint in her fiumy mouth and the rrreke of the24
fluve of the tail of the gawan of her snuffdrab siouler's skirt25
trailed ffiffty odd Irish miles behind her lungarhodes.26
    Hellsbells, I'm sorry I missed her! Sweet gumptyum and no- 27
body fainted ! But in whelk of her mouths? Was her naze alight?28
Everyone that saw her said the dowce little delia looked a bit29
queer. Lotsy trotsy, mind the poddle! Missus, be good and don't30
fol in the say! Fenny poor hex she must have charred. Kickhams31
a frumpier ever you saw! Making mush mullet's eyes at her boys32
dobelon. And they crowned her their chariton queen, all the33
maids. Of the may? You don't say! Well for her she couldn't34
see herself. I recknitz wharfore the darling murrayed her mirror.35
She did? Mersey me! There was a koros of drouthdropping sur-36