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grains of incense anguille bronze. And after that she wove a gar-1
land for her hair. She pleated it. She plaited it. Of meadowgrass2
and riverflags, the bulrush and waterweed, and of fallen griefs of3
weeping willow. Then she made her bracelets and her anklets4
and her armlets and a jetty amulet for necklace of clicking cobbles5
and pattering pebbles and rumbledown rubble, richmond and6
rehr, of Irish rhunerhinerstones and shellmarble bangles. That7
done, a dawk of smut to her airy ey, Annushka Lutetiavitch8
Pufflovah, and the lellipos cream to her lippeleens and the pick9
of the paintbox for her pommettes, from strawbirry reds to10
extra violates, and she sendred her boudeloire maids to His11
Affluence, Ciliegia Grande and Kirschie Real, the two chirsines,12
with respecks from his missus, seepy and sewery, and a request13
might she passe of him for a minnikin. A call to pay and light a14
taper, in Brie-on-Arrosa, back in a sprizzling. The cock striking15
mine, the stalls bridely sign, there's Zambosy waiting for Me!16
She said she wouldn't be half her length away. Then, then, as17
soon as the lump his back was turned, with her mealiebag slang18
over her shulder, Anna Livia, oysterface, forth of her bassein19
    Describe her! Hustle along, why can't you? Spitz on the iern 21
while it's hot. I wouldn't miss her for irthing on nerthe. Not for22
the lucre of lomba strait. Oceans of Gaud, I mosel hear that!23
Ogowe presta! Leste, before Julia sees her! Ishekarry and washe-24
meskad, the carishy caratimaney? Whole lady fair? Duodecimo-25
roon? Bon a ventura? Malagassy? What had she on, the liddel oud26
oddity? How much did she scallop, harness and weights? Here27
she is, Amnisty Ann! Call her calamity electrifies man.28
    No electress at all but old Moppa Necessity, angin mother of 29
injons. I'll tell you a test. But you must sit still. Will you hold30
your peace and listen well to what I am going to say now? It31
might have been ten or twenty to one of the night of Allclose or32
the nexth of April when the flip of her hoogly igloo flappered and33
out toetippit a bushman woman, the dearest little moma ever34
you saw, nodding around her, all smiles, with ems of embarras35
and aues to awe, between two ages, a judyqueen, not up to your36