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the mauldrin rabble around him in areopage, fracassing a great1
bingkan cagnan with their timpan crowders. Mind your Grimm-2
father! Think of your Ma! Hing the Hong is his jove's hang-3
nomen ! Lilt a bolero, bulling a law ! She swore on croststyx nyne4
wyndabouts she's be level with all the snags of them yet. Par the5
Vulnerable Virgin's Mary del Dame! So she said to herself she'd6
frame a plan to fake a shine, the mischiefmaker, the like of it you7
niever heard. What plan? Tell me quick and dongu so crould!8
What the meurther did she mague? Well, she bergened a zakbag,9
a shammy mailsack, with the lend of a loan of the light of his10
lampion, off one of her swapsons, Shaun the Post, and then she11
went and consulted her chapboucqs, old Mot Moore, Casey's12
Euclid and the Fashion Display and made herself tidal to join13
in the mascarete. O gig goggle of gigguels. I can't tell you how!14
It's too screaming to rizo, rabbit it all! Minneha, minnehi mina-15
aehe, minneho! O but you must, you must really! Make my hear16
it gurgle gurgle, like the farest gargle gargle in the dusky dirgle17
dargle! By the holy well of Mulhuddart I swear I'd pledge my18
chanza getting to heaven through Tirry and Killy's mount of19
impiety to hear it all, aviary word! O, leave me my faculties,20
woman, a while! If you don't like my story get out of the punt.21
Well, have it your own way, so. Here, sit down and do as you're22
bid. Take my stroke and bend to your bow. Forward in and pull23
your overthepoise! Lisp it slaney and crisp it quiet. Deel me long-24
some. Tongue your time now. Breathe thet deep. Thouat's the25
fairway. Hurry slow and scheldt you go. Lynd us your blessed26
ashes here till I scrub the canon's underpants. Flow now. Ower27
more. And pooleypooley.28
    First she let her hair fal and down it flussed to her feet its 29
teviots winding coils. Then, mothernaked, she sampood herself30
with galawater and fraguant pistania mud, wupper and lauar,31
from crown to sole. Next she greesed the groove of her keel,32
warthes and wears and mole and itcher, with antifouling butter-33
scatch and turfentide and serpenthyme and with leafmould she34
ushered round prunella isles and eslats dun, quincecunct, allover35
her little mary. Peeld gold of waxwork her jellybelly and her36