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Through her catchment ring she freed them easy, with her hips'1
hurrahs for her knees'dontelleries. The only parr with frills in2
old the plain. So they are, I declare! Welland well! If tomorrow3
keeps fine who'll come tripping to sightsee? How'll? Ask me4
next what I haven't got! The Belvedarean exhibitioners. In their5
cruisery caps and oarsclub colours. What hoo, they band! And6
what hoa, they buck! And here is her nubilee letters too. Ellis7
on quay in scarlet thread. Linked for the world on a flush-8
caloured field. Annan exe after to show they're not Laura Ke-9
own's. O, may the diabolo twisk your seifety pin! You child of10
Mammon, Kinsella's Lilith! Now who has been tearing the leg11
of her drawars on her? Which leg is it? The one with the bells12
on it. Rinse them out and aston along with you! Where did I13
stop? Never stop! Continuarration! You're not there yet. I14
amstel waiting. Garonne, garonne!15
    Well, after it was put in the Mericy Cordial Mendicants' Sitter- 16
dag-Zindeh-Munaday Wakeschrift (for once they sullied their17
white kidloves, chewing cuds after their dinners of cheeckin and18
beggin, with their show us it here and their mind out of that and19
their when you're quite finished with the reading matarial), even20
the snee that snowdon his hoaring hair had a skunner against21
him. Thaw, thaw, sava, savuto! Score Her Chuff Exsquire!22
Everywhere erriff you went and every bung you arver dropped23
into, in cit or suburb or in addled areas, the Rose and Bottle or24
Phoenix Tavern or Power's Inn or Jude's Hotel or wherever you25
scoured the countryside from Nannywater to Vartryville or from26
Porta Lateen to the lootin quarter you found his ikom etsched27
tipside down or the cornerboys cammocking his guy and Morris28
the Man, with the role of a royss in his turgos the turrible, (Evro-29
peahahn cheic house, unskimmed sooit and yahoort, hamman30
now cheekmee, Ahdahm this way make, Fatima, half turn!)31
reeling and railing round the local as the peihos piped und uban-32
jees twanged, with oddfellow's triple tiara busby rotundarinking33
round his scalp. Like Pate-by-the-Neva or Pete-over-Meer. This34
is the Hausman all paven and stoned, that cribbed the Cabin that35
never was owned that cocked his leg and hennad his Egg. And36