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Wickenlow, garden of Erin, before she ever dreamt she'd lave1
Kilbride and go foaming under Horsepass bridge, with the great2
southerwestern windstorming her traces and the midland's grain-3
waster asarch for her track, to wend her ways byandby, robecca4
or worse, to spin and to grind, to swab and to thrash, for all her5
golden lifey in the barleyfields and pennylotts of Humphrey's6
fordofhurdlestown and lie with a landleaper, wellingtonorseher.7
Alesse, the lagos of girly days! For the dove of the dunas! Was-8
ut? Izod? Are you sarthin suir? Not where the Finn fits into the9
Mourne, not where the Nore takes lieve of Bloem, not where the10
Braye divarts the Farer, not where the Moy changez her minds11
twixt Cullin and Conn tween Cunn and Collin? Or where Neptune12
sculled and Tritonville rowed and leandros three bumped heroines13
two? Neya, narev, nen, nonni, nos ! Then whereabouts in Ow and14
Ovoca? Was it yst with wyst or Lucan Yokan or where the hand15
of man has never set foot? Dell me where, the fairy ferse time! I16
will if you listen. You know the dinkel dale of Luggelaw? Well,17
there once dwelt a local heremite, Michael Arklow was his river-18
end name, (with many a sigh I aspersed his lavabibs!) and one19
venersderg in junojuly, oso sweet and so cool and so limber she20
looked, Nance the Nixie, Nanon L'Escaut, in the silence, of the sy-21
comores, all listening, the kindling curves you simply can't stop22
feeling, he plunged both of his newly anointed hands, the core of23
his cushlas, in her singimari saffron strumans of hair, parting them24
and soothing her and mingling it, that was deepdark and ample25
like this red bog at sundown. By that Vale Vowclose's lucydlac,26
the reignbeau's heavenarches arronged orranged her. Afroth-27
dizzying galbs, her enamelled eyes indergoading him on to the28
vierge violetian. Wish a wish! Why a why? Mavro ! Letty Lerck's29
lafing light throw those laurals now on her daphdaph teasesong30
petrock. Maass! But the majik wavus has elfun anon meshes.31
And Simba the Slayer of his Oga is slewd. He cuddle not help32
himself, thurso that hot on him, he had to forget the monk in33
the man so, rubbing her up and smoothing her down, he baised34
his lippes in smiling mood, kiss akiss after kisokushk (as he35
warned her niver to, niver to, nevar) on Anna-na-Poghue's of36