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more and merrier, twills and trills, sparefours and spoilfives, nord-1
sihkes and sudsevers and ayes and neins to a litter. Grandfarthring2
nap and Messamisery and the knave of all knaves and the joker.3
Heehaw! She must have been a gadabount in her day, so she4
must, more than most. Shoal she was, gidgad. She had a flewmen5
of her owen. Then a toss nare scared that lass, so aimai moe,6
that's agapo! Tell me, tell me, how cam she camlin through all7
her fellows, the neckar she was, the diveline? Casting her perils8
before our swains from Fonte-in-Monte to Tidingtown and9
from Tidingtown tilhavet. Linking one and knocking the next,10
tapting a flank and tipting a jutty and palling in and pietaring11
out and clyding by on her eastway. Waiwhou was the first thur-12
ever burst? Someone he was, whuebra they were, in a tactic attack13
or in single combat. Tinker, tilar, souldrer, salor, Pieman Peace14
or Polistaman. That's the thing I'm elwys on edge to esk. Push15
up and push vardar and come to uphill headquarters! Was it16
waterlows year, after Grattan or Flood, or when maids were in17
Arc or when three stood hosting? Fidaris will find where the18
Doubt arises like Nieman from Nirgends found the Nihil. Worry19
you sighin foh, Albern, O Anser? Untie the gemman's fistiknots,20
Qvic and Nuancee! She can't put her hand on him for the mo-21
ment. Tez thelon langlo, walking weary! Such a loon waybash-22
wards to row! She sid herself she hardly knows whuon the annals23
her graveller was, a dynast of Leinster, a wolf of the sea, or what24
he did or how blyth she played or how, when, why, where and25
who offon he jumpnad her and how it was gave her away. She26
was just a young thin pale soft shy slim slip of a thing then,27
sauntering, by silvamoonlake and he was a heavy trudging28
lurching lieabroad of a Curraghman, making his hay for whose29
sun to shine on, as tough as the oaktrees (peats be with them!)30
used to rustle that time down by the dykes of killing Kildare,31
for forstfellfoss with a plash across her. She thought she's sankh32
neathe the ground with nymphant shame when he gave her the33
tigris eye ! O happy fault ! Me wish it was he ! You're wrong there,34
corribly wrong! Tisn't only tonight you're anacheronistic! It35
was ages behind that when nullahs were nowhere, in county36