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that was writ by one and rede by two and trouved by a poule in1
the parco! I can see that, I see you are. How does it tummel?2
Listen now. Are you listening? Yes, yes ! Idneed I am ! Tarn your3
ore ouse ! Essonne inne !4
    By earth end the cloudy but I badly want a brandnew bankside, 5
bedamp and I do, and a plumper at that!6
    For the putty affair I have is wore out, so it is, sitting, yaping and 7
waiting for my old Dane hodder dodderer, my life in death companion,8
my frugal key of our larder, my much-altered camel's hump, my9
jointspoiler, my maymoon's honey, my fool to the last Decemberer,10
to wake himself out of his winter's doze and bore me down like he11
used to.12
    Is there irwell a lord of the manor or a knight of the shire at strike, 13
I wonder, that'd dip me a dace or two in cash for washing and14
darning his worshipful socks for him now we're run out of horse-15
brose and milk?16
    Only for my short Brittas bed made's as snug as it smells it's 17
out I'd lep and off with me to the slobs della Tolka or the plage au18
Clontarf to feale the gay aire of my salt troublin bay and the race19
of the saywint up me ambushure.20
    Onon! Onon! tell me more. Tell me every tiny teign. I want 21
to know every single ingul. Down to what made the potters fly22
into jagsthole. And why were the vesles vet. That homa fever's23
winning me wome. If a mahun of the horse but hard me! We'd24
be bundukiboi meet askarigal. Well, now comes the hazel-25
hatchery part. After Clondalkin the Kings's Inns. We'll soon be26
there with the freshet. How many aleveens had she in tool? I can't27
rightly rede you that. Close only knows. Some say she had three28
figures to fill and confined herself to a hundred eleven, wan by-29
wan bywan, making meanacuminamoyas. Olaph lamm et, all that30
pack? We won't have room in the kirkeyaard. She can't remember31
half of the cradlenames she smacked on them by the grace of her32
boxing bishop's infallible slipper, the cane for Kund and abbles for33
Eyolf and ayther nayther for Yakov Yea. A hundred and how?34
They did well to rechristien her Pluhurabelle. O loreley! What a35
loddon lodes! Heigh ho! But it's quite on the cards she'll shed36