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while the prom beauties sreeked nith their bearers' skins!      in1
a period gown of changeable jade that would robe the wood of2
two cardinals' chairs and crush poor Cullen and smother Mac-3
Cabe. O blazerskate! Theirs porpor patches! And brahming to4
him down the feedchute, with her femtyfyx kinds of fondling5
endings, the poother rambling off her nose: Vuggybarney,6
Wickerymandy! Hello, ducky, please don't die! Do you know7
what she started cheeping after, with a choicey voicey like water-8
glucks or Madame Delba to Romeoreszk? You'll never guess.9
Tell me. Tell me. Phoebe, dearest, tell, O tell me and I loved you10
better nor you knew. And letting on hoon var daft about the warbly11
sangs from over holmen: High hellskirt saw ladies hensmoker lily-12
hung pigger: and soay and soan and so firth and so forth in a tone13
sonora and Oom Bothar below like Bheri-Bheri in his sandy14
cloak, so umvolosy, as deaf as a yawn, the stult! Go away! Poor15
deef old deary! Yare only teasing! Anna Liv? As chalk is my16
judge! And didn't she up in sorgues and go and trot doon and17
stand in her douro, puffing her old dudheen, and every shirvant18
siligirl or wensum farmerette walking the pilend roads, Sawy,19
Fundally, Daery or Maery, Milucre, Awny or Graw, usedn't she20
make her a simp or sign to slip inside by the sullyport? You don't21
say, the sillypost? Bedouix but I do! Calling them in, one by one22
(To Blockbeddum here! Here the Shoebenacaddie!) and legging23
a jig or so on the sihl to show them how to shake their benders24
and the dainty how to bring to mind the gladdest garments out25
of sight and all the way of a maid with a man and making a sort26
of a cackling noise like two and a penny or half a crown and hold-27
ing up a silliver shiner. Lordy, lordy, did she so? Well, of all the28
ones ever I heard! Throwing all the neiss little whores in the29
world at him! To inny captured wench you wish of no matter30
what sex of pleissful ways two adda tammar a lizzy a lossie to31
hug and hab haven in Humpy's apron!32
    And what was the wyerye rima she made! Odet! Odet! Tell 33
me the trent of it while I'm lathering hail out of Denis Florence34
MacCarthy's combies. Rise it, flut ye, pian piena! I'm dying35
down off my iodine feet until I lerryn Anna Livia's cushingloo,36