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debths in that mormon's thames, be questing and handsetl, hop,1
step and a deepend, with his berths in their toiling moil, his swal-2
lower open from swolf to fore and the snipes of the gutter pecking3
his crocs, hungerstriking all alone and holding doomsdag over4
hunselv, dreeing his weird, with his dander up, and his fringe5
combed over his eygs and droming on loft till the sight of the6
sternes, after zwarthy kowse and weedy broeks and the tits of7
buddy and the loits of pest and to peer was Parish worth thette8
mess. You'd think all was dodo belonging to him how he durmed9
adranse in durance vaal. He had been belching for severn years.10
And there she was, Anna Livia, she darent catch a winkle of11
sleep, purling around like a chit of a child, Wendawanda, a finger-12
thick, in a Lapsummer skirt and damazon cheeks, for to ishim13
bonzour to her dear dubber Dan. With neuphraties and sault14
from his maggias. And an odd time she'd cook him up blooms15
of fisk and lay to his heartsfoot her meddery eygs, yayis, and16
staynish beacons on toasc and a cupenhave so weeshywashy of17
Greenland's tay or a dzoupgan of Kaffue mokau an sable or18
Sikiang sukry or his ale of ferns in trueart pewter and a shin-19
kobread (hamjambo, bana?) for to plaise that man hog stay his20
stomicker till her pyrraknees shrunk to nutmeg graters while her21
togglejoints shuck with goyt and as rash as she'd russ with her22
peakload of vivers up on her sieve (metauwero rage it swales and23
rieses) my hardey Hek he'd kast them frome him, with a stour24
of scorn, as much as to say you sow and you sozh, and if he didn't25
peg the platteau on her tawe, believe you me, she was safe26
enough. And then she'd esk to vistule a hymn, The Heart Bowed27
Down or The Rakes of Mallow or Chelli Michele's La Calumnia è28
un Vermicelli or a balfy bit ov old Jo Robidson. Sucho fuffing a29
fifeing 'twould cut you in two! She'd bate the hen that crowed30
on the turrace of Babbel. What harm if she knew how to cockle31
her mouth ! And not a mag out of Hum no more than out of the32
mangle weight. Is that a faith? That's the fact. Then riding the33
ricka and roya romanche, Annona, gebroren aroostokrat Nivia,34
dochter of Sense and Art, with Sparks' pirryphlickathims funkl-35
ing her fan, anner frostivying tresses dasht with virevlies,      36