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O 1
tell me all about 2
Anna Livia! I want to hear all 3
about Anna Livia. Well, you know Anna Livia? Yes, of course, 4
we all know Anna Livia. Tell me all. Tell me now. You'll die 5
when you hear. Well, you know, when the old cheb went futt 6
and did what you know. Yes, I know, go on. Wash quit and 7
don't be dabbling. Tuck up your sleeves and loosen your talk- 8
tapes. And don't butt me       hike!       when you bend. Or what- 9
ever it was they threed to make out he thried to two in the10
Fiendish park. He's an awful old reppe. Look at the shirt of him !11
Look at the dirt of it! He has all my water black on me. And it12
steeping and stuping since this time last wik. How many goes13
is it I wonder I washed it? I know by heart the places he likes to14
saale, duddurty devil! Scorching my hand and starving my fa-15
mine to make his private linen public. Wallop it well with your16
battle and clean it. My wrists are wrusty rubbing the mouldaw17
stains. And the dneepers of wet and the gangres of sin in it! What18
was it he did a tail at all on Animal Sendai? And how long was19
he under loch and neagh? It was put in the newses what he did,20
nicies and priers, the King fierceas Humphrey, with illysus dis-21
tilling, exploits and all. But toms will till. I know he well. Temp22
untamed will hist for no man. As you spring so shall you neap.23
O, the roughty old rappe! Minxing marrage and making loof.24