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the waters of his thought? Ever thought of that hereticalist Marcon1
and the two scissymaidies and how bulkily he shat the Ructions2
gunorrhal? Ever hear of that foxy, that lupo and that monkax3
and the virgin heir of the Morrisons, eh, blethering ape?4
    Malingerer in luxury, collector general, what has Your Low- 5
ness done in the mealtime with all the hamilkcars of cooked6
vegetables, the hatfuls of stewed fruit, the suitcases of coddled7
ales, the Parish funds, me schamer, man, that you kittycoaxed so8
flexibly out of charitable butteries by yowling heavy with a9
hollow voice drop of your horrible awful poverty of mind so as10
you couldn't even pledge a crown of Thorne's to pawn a coat11
off Trevi's and as how you was bad no end, so you was, so whelp12
you Sinner Pitre and Sinner Poule, with the chicken's gape and13
pas mal de siècle, which, by the by, Reynaldo, is the ordinary14
emetic French for grenadier's drip. To let you have your plank15
and your bonewash (O the hastroubles you lost!), to give you16
your pound of platinum and a thousand thongs a year (O, you17
were excruciated, in honour bound to the cross of your own18
cruelfiction !) to let you have your Sarday spree and holinight sleep19
(fame would come to you twixt a sleep and a wake) and leave to20
lie till Paraskivee and the cockcock crows for Danmark. (O21
Jonathan, your estomach!) The simian has no sentiment secre-22
tions but weep cataracts for all me, Pain the Shamman! Oft in23
the smelly night will they wallow for a clutch of the famished24
hand, I say, them bearded jezabelles you hired to rob you, while25
on your sodden straw impolitely you encored (Airish and naw-26
boggaleesh!) those hornmade ivory dreams you reved of the27
Ruth you called your companionate, a beauty from the bible, of28
the flushpots of Euston and the hanging garments of Maryle-29
bone. But the dormer moonshee smiled selene and the light-30
throwers knickered: who's whinging we? Comport yourself,31
you inconsistency! Where is that little alimony nestegg against32
our predictable rainy day? Is it not the fact (gainsay me, cake-33
eater!) that, while whistlewhirling your crazy elegies around34
Templetombmount joyntstone, (let him pass, pleasegood-35
jesusalem, in a bundle of straw, he was balbettised after hay-36