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sixpenny stile, an unfrillfrocked quackfriar, you (will you for1
the laugh of Scheekspair just help mine with the epithet?) semi-2
semitic serendipitist, you (thanks, I think that describes you)3
Europasianised Afferyank!4
    Shall we follow each others a steplonger, drowner of daggers, 5
whiles our liege, tilyet a stranger in the frontyard of his happi-6
ness, is taking, (heal helper! one gob, one gap, one gulp and7
gorger of all!) his refreshment?8
    There grew up beside you, amid our orisons of the speediest 9
in Novena Lodge, Novara Avenue, in Patripodium-am-Bummel,10
oaf, outofwork, one remove from an unwashed savage, on his11
keeping and in yours, (I pose you know why possum hides is12
cause he haint the nogumtreeumption) that other, Immaculatus,13
from head to foot, sir, that pure one, Altrues of other times,14
he who was well known to celestine circles before he sped15
aloft, our handsome young spiritual physician that was to be,16
seducing every sense to selfwilling celebesty, the most winning17
counterfeuille on our incomeshare lotetree, a chum of the18
angelets, a youth those reporters so pettitily wanted as game-19
fellow that they asked his mother for ittle earps brupper to20
let him tome to Tindertarten, pease, and bing his scooter21
'long and 'tend they were all real brothers in the big justright22
home where Dodd lives, just to teddyfy the life out of him23
and pat and pass him one with other like musk from hand to24
hand, that mothersmothered model, that goodlooker with not25
a flaw whose spiritual toilettes were the talk of half the town, for26
sunset wear and nightfallen use and daybroken donning and27
nooncheon showing and the very thing for teasetime, but him28
you laid low with one hand one fine May morning in the Meddle29
of your Might, your bosom foe, because he mussed your speller30
on you or because he cut a pretty figure in the focus of your31
frontispecs (not one did you slay, no, but a continent!) to find32
out how his innards worked !33
    Ever read of that greatgrand landfather of our visionbuilders, 34
Baaboo, the bourgeoismeister, who thought to touch both him-35
mels at the punt of his risen stiffstaff and how wishywashy sank36