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continuous present tense integument slowly unfolded all marry-1
voising moodmoulded cyclewheeling history (thereby, he said,2
reflecting from his own individual person life unlivable, trans-3
accidentated through the slow fires of consciousness into a divi-4
dual chaos, perilous, potent, common to allflesh, human only,5
mortal) but with each word that would not pass away the squid-6
self which he had squirtscreened from the crystalline world7
waned chagreenold and doriangrayer in its dudhud. This exists8
that isits after having been said we know. And dabal take dab-9
nal! And the dal dabal dab aldanabal! So perhaps, agglaggagglo-10
meratively asaspenking, after all and arklast fore arklyst on his11
last public misappearance, circling the square, for the deathfête12
of Saint Ignaceous Poisonivy, of the Fickle Crowd (hopon the13
sexth day of Hogsober, killim our king, layum low !) and brandish-14
ing his bellbearing stylo, the shining keyman of the wilds of15
change, if what is sauce for the zassy is souse for the zazimas, the16
blond cop who thought it was ink was out of his depth but17
bright in the main.18
    Petty constable Sistersen of the Kruis-Kroon-Kraal it was, the 19
parochial watch, big the dog the dig the bog the bagger the20
dugger the begadag degabug, who had been detailed from pollute21
stoties to save him, this the quemquem, that the quum, from the22
ligatureliablous effects of foul clay in little clots and mobmauling23
on looks, that wrongcountered the tenderfoot an eveling near24
the livingsmeansuniumgetherum, Knockmaree, Comty Mea, reel-25
ing more to the right than he lurched to the left, on his way from26
a protoprostitute (he would always have a (stp!) little pigeoness27
somewhure with his arch girl, Arcoiris, smockname of Mergyt)28
just as he was butting in rand the coyner of bad times under a29
hideful between the rival doors of warm bethels of worship30
through his boardelhouse fongster, greeting for grazious oras31
as usual: Where ladies have they that a dog meansort herring?32
Sergo, search me, the incapable reparteed with a selfevitant33
subtlety so obviously spurious and, raising his hair, after the34
grace, with the christmas under his clutcharm, for Portsymasser35
and Purtsymessus and Pertsymiss and Partsymasters, like a prance36