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war moans, special sighs, longsufferings of longstanding, ahs ohs1
ouis sis jas jos gias neys thaws sos, yeses and yeses and yeses, to2
which, if one has the stomach to add the breakages, upheavals3
distortions, inversions of all this chambermade music one stands,4
given a grain of goodwill, a fair chance of actually seeing the5
whirling dervish, Tumult, son of Thunder, self exiled in upon6
his ego, a nightlong a shaking betwixtween white or reddr haw-7
rors, noondayterrorised to skin and bone by an ineluctable phan-8
tom (may the Shaper have mercery on him !) writing the mystery9
of himsel in furniture.10
    Of course our low hero was a self valeter by choice of need so 11
up he got up whatever is meant by a stourbridge clay kitchen-12
ette and lithargogalenu fowlhouse for the sake of akes (the13
umpple does not fall very far from the dumpertree) which the14
moromelodious jigsmith, in defiance of the Uncontrollable Birth15
Preservativation (Game and Poultry) Act, playing lallaryrook16
cookerynook, by the dodginess of his lentern, brooled and cocked17
and potched in an athanor, whites and yolks and yilks and whotes18
to the frulling fredonnance of Mas blanca que la blanca hermana19
and Amarilla, muy bien, with cinnamon and locusts and wild bees-20
wax and liquorice and Carrageen moss and blaster of Barry's and21
Asther's mess and Huster's micture and Yellownan's embrocation22
and Pinkingtone's patty and stardust and sinner's tears, acuredent23
to Sharadan's Art of Panning, chanting, for all regale to the like24
of the legs he left behind with Litty fun Letty fan Leven, his25
cantraps of fermented words, abracadabra calubra culorum, (his26
oewfs à la Madame Gabrielle de l'Eglise, his avgs à la Mistress27
B. de B. Meinfelde, his eiers Usquadmala à la pomme de ciel,28
his uoves, oves and uves à la Sulphate de Soude, his ochiuri29
sowtay sowmmonay a la Monseigneur, his soufflosion of oogs30
with somekat on toyast à la Mère Puard, his Poggadovies alla31
Fenella, his Frideggs à la Tricarême) in what was meant for a32
closet (Ah ho! If only he had listened better to the four masters33
that infanted him Father Mathew and Le Père Noble and Pastor34
Lucas and Padre Aguilar      not forgetting Layteacher Baudwin!35
Ah ho!) His costive Satan's antimonian manganese limolitmious36