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abuse of self and others, was the worst, it is hoped, even in our3
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flooring of the lair and soundconducting walls thereof, to say9
nothing of the uprights and imposts, were persianly literatured10
with burst loveletters, telltale stories, stickyback snaps, doubtful11
eggshells, bouchers, flints, borers, puffers, amygdaloid almonds,12
rindless raisins, alphybettyformed verbage, vivlical viasses, om-13
piter dictas, visus umbique, ahems and ahahs, imeffible tries at14
speech unasyllabled, you owe mes, eyoldhyms, fluefoul smut,15
fallen lucifers, vestas which had served, showered ornaments,16
borrowed brogues, reversibles jackets, blackeye lenses, family17
jars, falsehair shirts, Godforsaken scapulars, neverworn breeches,18
cutthroat ties, counterfeit franks, best intentions, curried notes,19
upset latten tintacks, unused mill and stumpling stones, twisted20
quills, painful digests, magnifying wineglasses, solid objects cast21
at goblins, once current puns, quashed quotatoes, messes of mot-22
tage, unquestionable issue papers, seedy ejaculations, limerick23
damns, crocodile tears, spilt ink, blasphematory spits, stale shest-24
nuts, schoolgirl's, young ladies, milkmaids', washerwomen's,25
shopkeepers' wives, merry widows', ex nuns', vice abbess's, pro26
virgins', super whores', silent sisters', Charleys' aunts', grand-27
mothers', mothers'-in-laws', fostermothers', godmothers' garters,28
tress clippings from right, lift and cintrum, worms of snot,29
toothsome pickings, cans of Swiss condensed bilk, highbrow30
lotions, kisses from the antipodes, presents from pickpockets,31
borrowed plumes, relaxable handgrips, princess promises, lees of32
whine, deoxodised carbons, convertible collars, diviliouker33
doffers, broken wafers, unloosed shoe latchets, crooked strait34
waistcoats, fresh horrors from Hades, globules of mercury,35
undeleted glete, glass eyes for an eye, gloss teeth for a tooth,36