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shamiana, how few or how many of the most venerated public1
impostures, how very many piously forged palimpsests slipped2
in the first place by this morbid process from his pelagiarist pen?3
    Be that as it may, but for that light phantastic of his gnose's 4
glow as it slid lucifericiously within an inch of its page (he would5
touch at its from time to other, the red eye of his fear in6
saddishness, to ensign the colours by the beerlitz in his mathness7
and his educandees to outhue to themselves in the cries of girl-8
glee: gember ! inkware ! chonchambre ! cinsero ! zinnzabar ! tinc-9
ture and gin!) Nibs never would have quilled a seriph to10
sheepskin. By that rosy lampoon's effluvious burning and with11
help of the simulchronic flush in his pann (a ghinee a ghirk he12
ghets there!) he scrabbled and scratched and scriobbled and13
skrevened nameless shamelessness about everybody ever he met,14
even sharing a precipitation under the idlish tarriers' umbrella15
of a showerproof wall, while all over up and down the four16
margins of this rancid Shem stuff the evilsmeller (who was17
devoted to Uldfadar Sardanapalus) used to stipple endlessly18
inartistic portraits of himself in the act of reciting old19
Nichiabelli's monolook interyerear Hanno, o Nonanno, acce'l20
brubblemm'as, ser Autore, q.e.d., a heartbreakingly handsome21
young paolo with love lyrics for the goyls in his eyols, a plain-22
tiff's tanner vuice, a jucal inkome of one hundred and thirtytwo23
dranchmas per yard from Broken Hill stranded estate, Came-24
breech mannings, cutting a great dash in a brandnew two guinea25
dress suit and a burled hogsford hired for a Fursday evenin26
merry pawty, anna loavely long pair of inky Italian moostarshes27
glistering with boric vaseline and frangipani. Puh! How un-28
whisperably so!29
    The house O'Shea or O'Shame, Quivapieno, known as the 30
Haunted Inkbottle, no number Brimstone Walk, Asia in Ireland,31
as it was infested with the raps, with his penname SHUT sepia-32
scraped on the doorplate and a blind of black sailcloth over its33
wan phwinshogue, in which the soulcontracted son of the secret34
cell groped through life at the expense of the taxpayers, dejected35
into day and night with jesuit bark and bitter bite, calico-36