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board (trying to copy the stage Englesemen he broughts their1
house down on, shouting: Bravure, surr Chorles! Letter purfect!2
Culossal, Loose Wallor! Spache!) how he had been toed out of3
all the schicker families of the klondykers from Pioupioureich,4
Swabspays, the land of Nod, Shruggers' Country, Pension5
Danubierhome and Barbaropolis, who had settled and stratified6
in the capital city after its hebdomodary metropoliarchialisation7
as sunblistered, moonplastered, gory, wheedling, joviale, litche-8
rous and full, ordered off the gorgeous premises in most cases on9
account of his smell which all cookmaids eminently objected to10
as ressembling the bombinubble puzzo that welled out of the11
pozzo. Instead of chuthoring those model households plain12
wholesome pothooks (a thing he never possessed of his Nigerian13
own) what do you think Vulgariano did but study with stolen14
fruit how cutely to copy all their various styles of signature so as15
one day to utter an epical forged cheque on the public for his own16
private profit until, as just related, the Dustbin's United Scullery-17
maid's and Househelp's Sorority, better known as Sluttery's18
Mowlted Futt, turned him down and assisted nature by unitedly19
shoeing the source of annoyance out of the place altogether and20
taytotally on the heat of the moment, holding one another's21
gonk (for no-one, hound or scrublady, not even the Turk, un-22
greekable in purscent of the armenable, dared whiff the polecat23
at close range) and making some pointopointing remarks as they24
done so at the perfects of the Sniffey, your honour, aboon the25
lyow why a stunk, mister.26
    [Jymes wishes to hear from wearers of abandoned female cos- 27
tumes, gratefully received, wadmel jumper, rather full pair of28
culottes and onthergarmenteries, to start city life together. His29
jymes is out of job, would sit and write. He has lately commited30
one of the then commandments but she will now assist. Superior31
built, domestic, regular layer. Also got the boot. He appreciates32
it. Copies. ABORTISEMENT.]33
    One cannot even begin to post figure out a statuesquo ante 34
as to how slow in reality the excommunicated Drumcondriac,35
nate Hamis, really was. Who can say how many pseudostylic36