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everthemore his queque kept swelling) of enthusiastic noble-1
women flinging every coronetcrimsoned stitch they had off at2
his probscenium, one after the others, inamagoaded into ajustil-3
loosing themselves, in their gaiety pantheomime, when, egad, sir,4
acordant to all acountstrick, he squealed the topsquall im Deal5
Lil Shemlockup Yellin (geewhiz, jew ear that far! soap ewer!6
loutgout of sabaous! juice like a boyd!) for fully five minutes, in-7
finitely better than Baraton Mc Gluckin with a scrumptious cocked8
hat and three green, cheese and tangerine trinity plumes on the9
right handle side of his amarellous head, a coat macfarlane (the10
kerssest cut, you understand?) a sponiard's digger at his ribs,11
(Alfaiate punxit) an azulblu blowsheet for his blousebosom12
blossom and a dean's crozier that he won from Cardinal Lin-13
dundarri and Cardinal Carchingarri and Cardinal Loriotuli and14
Cardinal Occidentaccia (ah ho!) in the dearby darby doubled for15
falling first over the hurdles, madam, in the odder hand, a.a.t.s.o.t.,16
but what with the murky light, the botchy print, the tattered17
cover, the jigjagged page, the fumbling fingers, the foxtrotting18
fleas, the lieabed lice, the scum on his tongue, the drop in his19
eye, the lump in his throat, the drink in his pottle, the itch in his20
palm, the wail of his wind, the grief from his breath, the fog of21
his mindfag, the buzz in his braintree, the tic of his conscience,22
the height up his rage, the gush down his fundament, the fire23
in his gorge, the tickle of his tail, the bane in his bullugs, the24
squince in his suil, the rot in his eater, the ycho in his earer,25
the totters of his toes, the tetters on his tumtytum, the rats in his26
garret, the bats in his belfry, the budgerigars and bumbosolom27
beaubirds, the hullabaloo and the dust in his ears since it took him28
a month to steal a march he was hardset to mumorise more than29
a word a week. Hake's haulin! Hook's fisk! Can you beat it?30
Whawe! I say, can you bait it? Was there ever heard of such31
lowdown blackguardism? Positively it woolies one to think32
over it.33
    Yet the bumpersprinkler used to boast aloud alone to himself 34
with a haccent on it when Mynfadher was a boer constructor and35
Hoy was a lexical student, parole, and corrected with the black-36