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    Jute.       'Zmorde! 1
    Mutt.       Meldundleize! By the fearse wave behoughted. Des- 2
                 pond's sung. And thanacestross mound have swollup 3
                 them all. This ourth of years is not save brickdust 4
                 and being humus the same roturns. He who runes 5
                 may rede it on all fours. O'c'stle, n'wc'stle, tr'c'stle, 6
                 crumbling! Sell me sooth the fare for Humblin! Hum- 7
                 blady Fair. But speak it allsosiftly, moulder! Be in 8
                 your whisht! 9
    Jute.       Whysht? 10
    Mutt.       The gyant Forficules with Amni the fay. 11
    Jute.       Howe? 12
    Mutt.       Here is viceking's graab. 13
    Jute.       Hwaad ! 14
    Mutt.       Ore you astoneaged, jute you? 15
    Jute.       Oye am thonthorstrok, thing mud. 16
    (Stoop) if you are abcedminded, to this claybook, what curios 17
of signs (please stoop), in this allaphbed! Can you rede (since 18
We and Thou had it out already) its world? It is the same told 19
of all. Many. Miscegenations on miscegenations. Tieckle. They 20
lived und laughed ant loved end left. Forsin. Thy thingdome is 21
given to the Meades and Porsons. The meandertale, aloss and 22
again, of our old Heidenburgh in the days when Head-in-Clouds 23
walked the earth. In the ignorance that implies impression that 24
knits knowledge that finds the nameform that whets the wits that 25
convey contacts that sweeten sensation that drives desire that 26
adheres to attachment that dogs death that bitches birth that en- 27
tails the ensuance of existentiality. But with a rush out of his 28
navel reaching the reredos of Ramasbatham. A terricolous vively- 29
onview this; queer and it continues to be quaky. A hatch, a celt, 30
an earshare the pourquose of which was to cassay the earthcrust at 31
all of hours, furrowards, bagawards, like yoxen at the turnpaht. 32
Here say figurines billycoose arming and mounting. Mounting and 33
arming bellicose figurines see here. Futhorc, this liffle effingee is for 34
a firefing called a flintforfall. Face at the eased! O I fay! Face at the 35
waist! Ho, you fie! Upwap and dump em, Face to Face! When a 36