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layen loves in meeingseeing, he got the charm of his optical1
life when he found himself (hic sunt lennones!) at pointblank2
range blinking down the barrel of an irregular revolver of3
the bulldog with a purpose pattern, handled by an unknown4
quarreler who, supposedly, had been told off to shade and5
shoot shy Shem should the shit show his shiny shnout out6
awhile to look facts in their face before being hosed and creased7
(uprip and jack him !) by six or a dozen of the gayboys.8
    What, para Saom Plaom, in the names of Deucalion and 9
Pyrrha, and the incensed privy and the licensed pantry gods10
and Stator and Victor and Kutt and Runn and the whole mesa11
redonda of Lorencao Otulass in convocacaon, was this dis-12
interestingly low human type, this Calumnious Column of13
Cloaxity, this Bengalese Beacon of Biloxity, this Annamite Aper14
of Atroxity, really at, it will be precise to quarify, for he seems15
in a badbad case?16
    The answer, to do all the diddies in one dedal, would sound: 17
from pulling himself on his most flavoured canal the huge chest-18
house of his elders (the Popapreta, and some navico, navvies!)19
he had flickered up and flinnered down into a drug and drunkery20
addict, growing megalomane of a loose past. This explains the21
litany of septuncial lettertrumpets honorific, highpitched, erudite,22
neoclassical, which he so loved as patricianly to manuscribe after23
his name. It would have diverted, if ever seen, the shuddersome24
spectacle of this semidemented zany amid the inspissated grime25
of his glaucous den making believe to read his usylessly unread-26
able Blue Book of Eccles, édition de ténèbres, (even yet sighs the27
Most Different, Dr. Poindejenk, authorised bowdler and censor,28
it can't be repeated!) turning over three sheets at a wind, telling29
himself delightedly, no espellor mor so, that every splurge on the30
vellum he blundered over was an aisling vision more gorgeous31
than the one before t.i.t.s., a roseschelle cottage by the sea for32
nothing for ever, a ladies tryon hosiery raffle at liberty, a sewer-33
ful of guineagold wine with brancomongepadenopie and sick-34
cylinder oysters worth a billion a bite, an entire operahouse35
(there was to be stamping room only in the prompter's box and36