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lionses of Lumdrum hivanhoesed up gagainst him, being a lapsis1
linquo with a ruvidubb shortartempa, bad cad dad fad sad mad2
nad vanhaty bear, the consciquenchers of casuality prepestered3
crusswords in postposition, scruff, scruffer, scrufferumurraimost4
andallthatsortofthing, if reams stood to reason and his lanka-5
livline lasted he would wipe alley english spooker, multapho-6
niaksically spuking, off the face of the erse.7
    After the thorough fright he got that bloody, Swithun's day, 8
though every doorpost in muchtried Lucalizod was smeared with9
generous erstborn gore and every free for all cobbleway slippery10
with the bloods of heroes, crying to Welkins for others, and11
noahs and cul verts agush with tears of joy, our low waster never12
had the common baalamb's pluck to stir out and about the com-13
pound while everyone else of the torchlit throng, slashers and14
sliced alike, mobbu on massa, waaded and baaded around, yamp-15
yam pampyam, chanting the Gillooly chorus, from the Monster16
Book of Paltryattic Puetrie, O pura e pia bella! in junk et sampam17
or in secular sinkalarum, heads up, on his bonafide avocation (the18
little folk creeping on all fours to their natural school treat but19
childishly gleeful when a stray whizzer sang out intermediately)20
and happy belongers to the fairer sex on their usual quest for21
higher things, but vying with Lady Smythe to avenge Mac-22
Jobber, went stonestepping with their bickerrstaffs on educated23
feet, plinkity plonk, across the sevenspan ponte dei colori set up24
over the slop after the war-to-end war by Messrs a charitable25
government for the only once (dia dose Finnados!) he did take26
a tompip peepestrella throug a threedraw eighteen hawkspower27
durdicky telescope, luminous to larbourd only like the lamps in28
Nassaustrass, out of his westernmost keyhole, spitting at the29
impenetrablum wetter, (and it was porcoghastly that outumn) with30
an eachway hope in his shivering soul, as he prayed to the cloud31
Incertitude, of finding out for himself, on akkount of all the32
kules in Kroukaparka or oving to all the kodseoggs in Kalatavala,33
whether true conciliation was forging ahead or falling back after34
the celestious intemperance and, for Duvvelsache, why, with his35
see me see and his my see a corves and his frokerfoskerfuskar36