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wottle at his feet to stoke his energy of waiting, moaning feebly,1
in monkmarian monotheme, but tarned long and then a nation2
louder, while engaged in swallowing from a large ampullar, that3
his pawdry's purgatory was more than a nigger bloke could bear,4
hemiparalysed by the tong warfare and all the shemozzle, (Daily5
Maily, fullup Lace! Holy Maly, Mothelup Joss!) his cheeks and6
trousers changing colour every time a gat croaked.7
    How is that for low, laities and gentlenuns? Why, dog of the 8
Crostiguns, whole continents rang with this Kairokorran low-9
ness! Sheols of houris in chems upon divans, (revolted stellas10
vespertine vesamong them) at a bare (O!) mention of the scaly11
rybald exclaimed: Poisse!12
    But would anyone, short of a madhouse, believe it? Neither of 13
those clean little cherubum, Nero or Nobookisonester himself,14
ever nursed such a spoiled opinion of his monstrous marvellosity15
as did this mental and moral defective (here perhaps at the16
vanessance of his lownest) who was known to grognt rather than17
gunnard upon one occasion, while drinking heavily of spirits to18
that interlocutor a latere and private privysuckatary he used to19
pal around with, in the kavehazs, one Davy Browne-Nowlan, his20
heavenlaid twin, (this hambone dogpoet pseudoed himself under21
the hangname he gave himself of Bethgelert) in the porchway of22
a gipsy's bar (Shem always blaspheming, so holy writ, Billy, he23
would try, old Belly, and pay this one manjack congregant of24
his four soups every lass of nexmouth, Bolly, so sure as thair's a25
tail on a commet, as a taste for storik's fortytooth, that is to26
stay, to listen out, ony twenny minnies moe, Bully, his Ballade27
Imaginaire which was to be dubbed Wine, Woman and Water-28
clocks, or How a Guy Finks and Fawkes When He Is Going Batty,29
by Maistre Sheames de la Plume, some most dreadful stuff in a30
murderous mirrorhand) that he was avoopf (parn me!) aware31
of no other shaggspick, other Shakhisbeard, either prexactly32
unlike his polar andthisishis or procisely the seem as woops33
(parn!) as what he fancied or guessed the sames as he was him-34
self and that, greet scoot, duckings and thuggery, though he was35
foxed fux to fux like a bunnyboy rodger with all the teashop36