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games like Thom Thom the Thonderman, Put the Wind up the1
Peeler, Hat in the Ring, Prisson your Pritchards and Play Withers 2
Team, Mikel on the Luckypig, Nickel in the Slot, Sheila Harnett and 3
her Cow, Adam and Ell, Humble Bumble, Moggie's on the Wall, 4
Twos and Threes, American Jump, Fox Come out of your Den, 5
Broken Bottles, Writing a Letter to Punch, Tiptop is a Sweetstore, 6
Henressy Crump Expolled, Postman's Knock, Are We Fairlys Rep- 7
resented?, Solomon Silent reading, Appletree Bearstone, I know a 8
Washerwoman, Hospitals, As I was Walking, There is Oneyone's 9
House in Dreamcolohour, Battle of Waterloo, Colours, Eggs in the 10
Bush, Habberdasherisher, Telling your Dreams, What's the Time, 11
Nap, Ducking Mammy, Last Man Standing, Heali Baboon and the12
Forky Theagues, Fickleyes and Futilears, Handmarried but once in13
my Life and I'll never commit such a Sin agin, Zip Cooney Candy,14
Turkey in the Straw, This is the Way we sow the Seed of a long and15
lusty Morning, Hops of Fun at Miliken's Make, I seen the Tooth-16
brush with Pat Farrel, Here's the Fat to graze the Priest's Boots,17
When his Steam was like a Raimbrandt round Mac Garvey.18
    Now it is notoriously known how on that surprisingly bludgeony 19
Unity Sunday when the grand germogall allstar bout was harrily20
the rage between our weltingtoms extraordinary and our petty-21
thicks the marshalaisy and Irish eyes of welcome were smiling22
daggers down their backs, when the roth, vice and blause met the23
noyr blank and rogues and the grim white and cold bet the black24
fighting tans, categorically unimperatived by the maxims, a rank25
funk getting the better of him, the scut in a bad fit of pyjamas26
fled like a leveret for his bare lives, to Talviland, ahone ahaza, pur-27
sued by the scented curses of all the village belles and, without28
having struck one blow, (pig stole on him was lust he lagging it29
was becaused dust he shook) kuskykorked himself up tight in30
his inkbattle house, badly the worse for boosegas, there to stay31
in afar for the life, where, as there was not a moment to be lost,32
after he had boxed around with his fortepiano till he was whole33
bach bamp him and bump him blues, he collapsed carefully under34
a bedtick from Schwitzer's, his face enveloped into a dead war-35
rior's telemac, with a lullobaw's somnbomnet and a whotwater-36