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looking on him with the contemp of the contempibles, after1
first gaving him a roll in the dirt, might pity and forgive him, if2
properly deloused, but the pleb was born a Quicklow and sank3
alowing till he stank out of sight.4
    All Saints beat Belial! Mickil Goals to Nichil! Notpossible!5
In Nowhere has yet the Whole World taken part of himself for his7
    Wife; 8
By Nowhere have Poorparents been sentenced to Worms, Blood and9
    Thunder for Life 10
Not yet has the Emp from Corpsica forced the Arth out of Engleterre;11
Not yet have the Sachsen and Judder on the Mound of a Word made12
    Warre; 13
Not yet Witchywithcy of Wench struck Fire of his Heath from on14
    Hoath; 15
Not yet his Arcobaleine forespoken Peacepeace upon Oath;16
Cleftfoot from Hempal must tumpel, Blamefool Gardener's bound to17
    fall; 18
Broken Eggs will poursuive bitten Apples for where theirs is Will19
    there's his Wall; 20
But the Mountstill frowns on the Millstream while their Madsons21
    leap his Bier 22
And her Rillstrill liffs to His Murkesty all her daft Daughters laff23
    in her Ear. 24
Till the four Shores of deff Tory Island let the douze dumm Eire-25
    whiggs raille! 26
Hirp! Hirp! for their Missed Understandings! chirps the Ballat of27
    Perce-Oreille. 28
    O fortunous casualitas! Lefty takes the cherubcake while 29
Rights cloves his hoof. Darkies never done tug that coon out to30
play non-excretory, anti-sexuous, misoxenetic, gaasy pure, flesh31
and blood games, written and composed and sung and danced32
by Niscemus Nemon, same as piccaninnies play all day, those33
old (none of your honeys and rubbers !) games for fun and ele-34
ment we used to play with Dina and old Joe kicking her behind35
and before and the yellow girl kicking him behind old Joe,36