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other people in the story, leaving out, of course, foreconsciously,1
the simple worf and plague and poison they had cornered him2
about until there was not a snoozer among them but was utterly3
undeceived in the heel of the reel by the recital of the rigmarole.4
    He went without saying that the cull disliked anything anyway5
approaching a plain straightforward standup or knockdown row6
and, as often as he was called in to umpire any octagonal argu-7
ment among slangwhangers, the accomplished washout always8
used to rub shoulders with the last speaker and clasp shakers (the9
handtouch which is speech without words) and agree to every10
word as soon as half uttered, command me!, your servant, good,11
I revere you, how, my seer? be drinking that! quite truth, grati-12
as, I'm yoush, see wha'm hearing?, also goods, please it, me13
sure?, be filling this!, quiso, you said it, apasafello, muchas14
grassyass, is there firing-on-me?, is their girlic-on-you?, to your15
good self, your sulphur, and then at once focuss his whole16
unbalanced attention upon the next octagonist who managed to17
catch a listener's eye, asking and imploring him out of his18
piteous onewinker, (hemoptysia diadumenos) whether there was19
anything in the world he could do to please him and to overflow20
his tumbletantaliser for him yet once more.21
    One hailcannon night (for his departure was attended by a22
heavy downpour) as very recently as some thousand rains ago he23
was therefore treated with what closely resembled parsonal viol-24
ence, being soggert all unsuspectingly through the deserted village25
of Tumblin-on-the-Leafy from Mr Vanhomrigh's house at 81 bis26
Mabbot's Mall as far as Green Patch beyond the brickfields of27
Salmon Pool by rival teams of slowspiers counter quicklimers28
who finally, as rahilly they had been deteened out rawther lae-29
tich, thought, busnis hits busnis, they had better be streaking for30
home after their Auborne-to-Auborne, with thanks for the pleasant31
evening, one and all disgustedly, instead of ruggering him back,32
and awake, reconciled (though they were as jealous as could be33
cullions about all the truffles they had brought on him) to a34
friendship, fast and furious, which merely arose out of the noxious35
pervert's perfect lowness. Again there was a hope that people,36