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the meaning, sousy, of that continental expression, if you ever1
came acrux it, we think it is a word transpiciously like canaille?:2
or: Did you anywhere, kennel, on your gullible's travels or3
during your rural troubadouring, happen to stumble upon a4
certain gay young nobleman whimpering to the name of Low5
Swine who always addresses women out of the one comer of6
his mouth, lives on loans and is furtivefree yours of age? with-7
out one sigh of haste like the supreme prig he was, and not a bit8
sorry, he would pull a vacant landlubber's face, root with ear-9
waker's pensile in the outer of his lauscher and then, lisping,10
the prattlepate parnella, to kill time, and swatting his deadbest11
to think what under the canopies of Jansens Chrest would any12
decent son of an Albiogenselman who had bin to an university13
think, let a lent hit a hint and begin to tell all the intelligentsia14
admitted to that tamileasy samtalaisy conclamazzione (since, still15
and before physicians, lawyers merchant, belfry pollititians, agri-16
colous manufraudurers, sacrestanes of the Pure River Society,17
philanthropicks lodging on as many boards round the panesthetic18
at the same time as possible) the whole lifelong swrine story of19
his entire low cornaille existence, abusing his deceased ancestors20
wherever the sods were and one moment tarabooming great21
blunderguns (poh!) about his farfamed fine Poppamore, Mr22
Humhum, whom history, climate and entertainment made the23
first of his sept and always up to debt, though Eavens ears ow24
many fines he faces, and another moment visanvrerssas, cruach-25
ing three jeers (pah!) for his rotten little ghost of a Peppybeg,26
Mr Himmyshimmy, a blighty, a reeky, a lighty, a scrapy, a bab-27
bly, a ninny, dirty seventh among thieves and always bottom28
sawyer, till nowan knowed how howmely howme could be, giv-29
ing unsolicited testimony on behalf of the absent, as glib as eaves-30
water to those present (who meanwhile, with increasing lack of31
interest in his semantics, allowed various subconscious smickers32
to drivel slowly across their fichers), unconsciously explaining,33
for inkstands, with a meticulosity bordering on the insane, the34
various meanings of all the different foreign parts of speech he35
misused and cuttlefishing every lie unshrinkable about all the36