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swamp of bogoakgravy for that greekenhearted yude! Rosbif of1
Old Zealand! he could not attouch it. See what happens when2
your somatophage merman takes his fancy to our virgitarian3
swan? He even ran away with hunself and became a farsoonerite,4
saying he would far sooner muddle through the hash of lentils5
in Europe than meddle with Irrland's split little pea. Once when6
among those rebels in a state of hopelessly helpless intoxication7
the piscivore strove to lift a czitround peel to either nostril, hic-8
cupping, apparently impromptued by the hibat he had with his9
glottal stop, that he kukkakould flowrish for ever by the smell,10
as the czitr, as the kcedron, like a scedar, of the founts, on moun-11
tains, with limon on, of Lebanon. O! the lowness of him was12
beneath all up to that sunk to! No likedbylike firewater or first-13
served firstshot or gulletburn gin or honest brewbarrett beer either.14
O dear no! Instead the tragic jester sobbed himself wheywhing-15
ingly sick of life on some sort of a rhubarbarous maundarin yella-16
green funkleblue windigut diodying applejack squeezed from17
sour grapefruice and, to hear him twixt his sedimental cupslips18
when he had gulfed down mmmmuch too mmmmany gourds of19
it retching off to almost as low withswillers, who always knew20
notwithstanding when they had had enough and were rightly21
indignant at the wretch's hospitality when they found to their22
horror they could not carry another drop, it came straight from23
the noble white fat, jo, openwide sat, jo, jo, her why hide that,24
jo jo jo, the winevat, of the most serene magyansty az archdio-25
chesse, if she is a duck, she's a douches, and when she has a26
feherbour snot her fault, now is it? artstouchups, funny you're27
grinning at, fancy you're in her yet, Fanny Urinia.28
    Aint that swell, hey? Peamengro! Talk about lowness! Any29
dog's quantity of it visibly oozed out thickly from this dirty30
little blacking beetle for the very fourth snap the Tulloch-Turn-31
bull girl with her coldblood kodak shotted the as yet unre-32
muneranded national apostate, who was cowardly gun and camera33
shy, taking what he fondly thought was a short cut to Caer Fere,34
Soak Amerigas, vias the shipsteam Pridewin, after having buried35
a hatchet not so long before, by the wrong goods exeunt, num-36