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of word's law, who never with humself was fed and leaves1
his soil to lave his head, when his hope's in his highlows from2
whisking his woe, if he came to my preach, a proud pursebroken3
ranger, when the heavens were welling the spite of their spout,4
to beg for a bite in our bark Noisdanger, would meself and Mac5
Jeffet, four-in-hand, foot him out?       ay!       were he my own6
breastbrother, my doubled withd love and my singlebiassed hate,7
were we bread by the same fire and signed with the same salt,8
had we tapped from the same master and robbed the same till,9
were we tucked in the one bed and bit by the one flea, homo-10
gallant and hemycapnoise, bum and dingo, jack by churl, though11
it broke my heart to pray it, still I'd fear I'd hate to say!12
    12. Sacer esto? 13
    Answer: Semus sumus! 14