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self with an elusive Antonius, a wop who would appear to hug1
a personal interest in refined chees of all chades at the same time2
as he wags an antomine art of being rude like the boor. This3
Antonius-Burrus-Caseous grouptriad may be said to equate4
the qualis equivalent with the older socalled talis on talis one5
just as quantly as in the hyperchemical economantarchy the tan-6
tum ergons irruminate the quantum urge so that eggs is to whey7
as whay is to zeed like your golfchild's abe boob caddy. And this8
is why any simple philadolphus of a fool you like to dress, an9
athemisthued lowtownian, exlegged phatrisight, may be awfully10
green to one side of him and fruitfully blue on the other which11
will not screen him however from appealing to my gropesarch-12
ing eyes, through the strongholes of my acropoll, as a boosted13
blasted bleating blatant bloaten blasphorus blesphorous idiot14
who kennot tail a bomb from a painapple when he steals one15
and wannot psing his psalmen with the cong in our gregational16
pompoms with the canting crew.17
    No! Topsman to your Tarpeia! This thing, Mister Abby, is 18
nefand. (And, taking off soutstuffs and alkalike matters, I hope19
we can kill time to reach the salt because there's some forceglass20
neutric assets bittering in the soldpewter for you to plump your21
pottage in). The thundering legion has stormed Olymp that22
it end. Twelve tabular times till now have I edicted it. Merus23
Genius to Careous Caseous! Moriture, te salutat! My phemous24
themis race is run, so let Demoncracy take the highmost! (Abra-25
ham Tripier. Those old diligences are quite out of date. Read26
next answer). I'll beat you so lon. (Bigtempered. Why not take27
direct action. See previous reply). My unchanging Word is sacred.28
The word is my Wife, to exponse and expound, to vend and to29
velnerate, and may the curlews crown our nuptias! Till Breath30
us depart! Wamen. Beware would you change with my years. Be31
as young as your grandmother! The ring man in the rong shop32
but the rite words by the rote order! Ubi lingua nuncupassit, ibi33
fas! Adversus hostem semper sac! She that will not feel my ful-34
moon let her peel to thee as the hoyden and the impudent! That35
mon that hoth no moses in his sole nor is not awed by conquists36