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true crust by even the youngest of Margees if she will take plase1
to be seated and smile if I please.2
    Now there can be no question about it either that I having 3
done as much, have quite got the size of that demilitery young4
female (we will continue to call her Marge) whose types may be5
met with in any public garden, wearing a very "dressy" affair,6
known as an "ethel" of instep length and with a real fur, reduced7
to 3/9, and muffin cap to tone (they are "angelskin" this fall),8
ostentatiously hemming apologetically over the shirtness of9
some "sweet" garment, when she is not sitting on all the free10
benches avidously reading about "it" but ovidently on the look11
out for "him" or so "thrilled" about the best dressed dolly pram12
and beautiful elbow competition or at the movies swallowing13
sobs and blowing bixed mixcuits over "childe" chaplain's "latest"14
or on the verge of the gutter with some bobbedhair brieffrocked15
babyma's toddler (the Smythe-Smythes now keep TWO domes-16
tics and aspire to THREE male ones, a shover, a butlegger and17
a sectary) held hostage at armslength, teaching His Infant18
Majesty how to make waters worse.19
    (I am closely watching Master Pules, as I have regions to sus- 20
pect from my post that her "little man" is a secondary school-21
teacher under the boards of education, a voted disciple of Infan-22
tulus who is being utilised thus publicly by the seducente infanta23
to conceal her own more mascular personality by flaunting24
frivolish finery over men's inside clothes, for the femininny of25
that totamulier will always lack the musculink of a verumvirum.26
My solotions for the proper parturience of matres and the edu-27
cation of micturious mites must stand over from the moment till28
I tackle this tickler hussy for occupying my uttentions.)29
    Margareena she's very fond of Burrus but, alick and alack! 30
she velly fond of chee. (The important influence exercised on31
everything by this eastasian import has not been till now fully32
flavoured though we can comfortably taste it in this case. I shall33
come back for a little more say farther on.) A cleopatrician in34
her own right she at once complicates the position while Burrus35
and Caseous are contending for her misstery by implicating her-36