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my ohole mouthful to arinam about it you should call me the1
ormuzd aliment in your midst of faime. Eat ye up, heat ye up!2
sings the somun in the salm. Butyrum et mel comedet ut sciat3
reprobare malum et eligere bonum. This, of course, also explains4
why we were taught to play in the childhood: Der Haensli ist5
ein Butterbrot, mein Butterbrot! Und Koebi iss dein Schtinkenkot!6
Ja! Ja! Ja!7
    This in fact, just to show you, is Caseous, the brutherscutch 8
or puir tyron: a hole or two, the highstinks aforefelt and anygo9
prigging wurms. Cheesugh! you complain. And Hi Hi High10
must say you are not Hoa Hoa Hoally in the wrong!11
    Thus we cannot escape our likes and mislikes, exiles or am- 12
busheers, beggar and neighbour and       this is where the dime-13
show advertisers advance the temporal relief plea       let us be14
tolerant of antipathies. Nex quovis burro num fit mercaseus? I am15
not hereby giving my final endorsement to the learned ignorants16
of the Cusanus philosophism in which old Nicholas pegs it17
down that the smarter the spin of the top the sounder the span18
of the buttom (what the worthy old auberginiste ought to have19
meant was: the more stolidly immobile in space appears to me20
the bottom which is presented to use in time by the top primo-21
mobilisk &c.). And I shall be misunderstord if understood to22
give an unconditional sinequam to the heroicised furibouts of23
the Nolanus theory, or, at any rate, of that substrate of apart24
from hissheory where the Theophil swoors that on principial he25
was the pointing start of his odiose by comparison and that whiles26
eggs will fall cheapened all over the walled the Bure will be dear27
on the Brie.28
    Now, while I am not out now to be taken up as unintention- 29
ally recommending the Silkebjorg tyrondynamon machine for30
the more economical helixtrolysis of these amboadipates until31
I can find space to look into it myself a little more closely first32
I shall go on with my decisions after having shown to you in33
good time how both products of our social stomach (the excellent34
Dr Burroman, I noticed by the way from his emended food35
theory, has been carefully digesting the very wholesome criticism36