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    The older sisars (Tyrants, regicide is too good for you!) be- 1
come unbeurrable from age, (the compositor of the farce of2
dustiny however makes a thunpledrum mistake by letting off this3
pienofarte effect as his furst act as that is where the juke comes4
in) having been sort-of-nineknived and chewly removed (this5
soldier - author - batman for all his commontoryism is just6
another of those souftsiezed bubbles who never quite got the7
sandhurst out of his eyes so that the champaign he draws for us8
is as flop as a plankrieg) the twinfreer types are billed to make9
their reupprearance as the knew kneck and knife knickknots on10
the deserted champ de bouteilles. (A most cursery reading into the11
Persic-Uraliens hostery shows us how Fonnumagula picked12
up that propper numen out of a colluction of prifixes though to 13
the permienting cannasure the Coucousien oafsprung of this14
sun of a kuk is as sattin as there's a tub in Tobolosk) Ostiak15
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weste point I could paint you to that butter (cheese it!) if you17
had some wash. Mordvealive! Oh me none onsens! Why the18
case is as inessive and impossive as kezom hands! Their inter-19
locative is conprovocative just as every hazzy hates to having a20
hazbane in her noze. Caseous may bethink himself a thought of21
a caviller but Burrus has the reachly roundered head that goes22
best with thofthinking defensive fideism. He has the lac of wis-23
dom under every dent in his lofter while the other follow's24
onni vesy milky indeedmymy. Laughing over the linnuts and25
weeping off the uniun. He hisn't the hey og he lisn't the lug,26
poohoo. And each night sim misses mand he winks he had the27
semagen. It was aptly and corrigidly stated (and, it is royally28
needless for one ex ungue Leonem to say by whom) that his29
seeingscraft was that clarety as were the wholeborough of Poutres-30
bourg to be averlaunched over him pitchbatch he could still make31
out with his augstritch the green moat in Ireland's Eye. Let me32
sell you the fulltroth of Burrus when he wore a younker. Here33
it is, and chorming too, in six by sevens! A cleanly line, by the34
gods! A king off duty and a jaw for ever! And what a cheery35
ripe outlook, good help me Deus v Deus! If I were to speak36