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boles clean,       the weeping beeches, Picea and Tillia, are in a1
wild state about it       ought to be classified, as Cricketbutt Will-2
owm and his two nurserymen advisers suggested, under genus3
Inexhaustible when we refloat upon all the butternat, sweet gum4
and manna ash redcedera which is so purvulent there as if there5
was howthorns in Curraghchasa which ought to look as plane6
as a lodgepole to anybody until we are introduced to that pine-7
tacotta of Verney Rubeus where the deodarty is pinctured for us8
in a pure stand, which we do not doubt ha has a habitat of doing,9
but without those selfsownseedlings which are a species of proof10
that the largest individual can occur at or in an olivetion such as11
East Conna Hillock where it mixes with foolth accacians and12
common sallies and is tender) Vux Populus, as we say in hickory-13
hockery and I wish we had some more glasses of arbor vitae.14
Why roat by the roadside or awn over alum pot? Alderman15
Whitebeaver is dakyo. He ought to go away for a change of16
ideas and he'd have a world of things to look back on. Do, sweet17
Daniel! If I weren't a jones in myself I'd elect myself to be his18
dolphin in the wildsbillow because he is such a barefooted rubber19
with my supersocks pulled over his face which I publicked in20
my bestback garden for the laetification of siderodromites and21
to the irony of the stars. You will say it is most unenglish and22
I shall hope to hear that you will not be wrong about it. But I23
further, feeling a bit husky in my truths.24
    Will you please come over and let us mooremoore murgessly 25
to each's other down below our vices. I am underheerd by old26
billfaust. Wilsh is full of curks. The coolskittle is philip debli-27
nite. Mr Wist is thereover beyeind the wantnot. Wilsh and wist28
are as thick of thins udder as faust on the deblinite. Sgunoshooto29
estas preter la tapizo malgranda. Lilegas al si en sia chambro.30
Kelkefoje funcktas, kelkefoje srumpas Shultroj. Houdian Kiel vi31
fartas, mia nigra sinjoro? And from the poignt of fun where I32
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