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shieling, it is, De Rore Coeli. And so the poor Gripes got wrong;1
for that is always how a Gripes is, always was and always will be.2
And it was never so thoughtful of either of them. And there were3
left now an only elmtree and but a stone. Polled with pietrous,4
Sierre but saule. O! Yes! And Nuvoletta, a lass.5
    Then Nuvoletta reflected for the last time in her little long life 6
and she made up all her myriads of drifting minds in one. She7
cancelled all her engauzements. She climbed over the bannistars;8
she gave a childy cloudy cry: Nuée! Nuée! A lightdress fluttered.9
She was gone. And into the river that had been a stream (for a10
thousand of tears had gone eon her and come on her and she was11
stout and struck on dancing and her muddied name was Missis-12
liffi) there fell a tear, a singult tear, the loveliest of all tears (I13
mean for those crylove fables fans who are 'keen' on the pretty-14
pretty commonface sort of thing you meet by hopeharrods) for it15
was a leaptear. But the river tripped on her by and by, lapping16
as though her heart was brook: Why, why, why! Weh, O weh!17
I'se so silly to be flowing but I no canna stay!18
    No applause, please! Bast! The romescot nattleshaker will go 19
round your circulation in diu dursus.20
    Allaboy, Major, I'll take your reactions in another place after 21
themes. Nolan Browne, you may now leave the classroom. Joe22
Peters, Fox.23
    As I have now successfully explained to you my own natural- 24
born rations which are even in excise of my vaultybrain insure25
me that I am a mouth's more deserving case by genius. I feel in26
symbathos for my ever devoted friend and halfaloafonwashed,27
Gnaccus Gnoccovitch. Darling gem! Darling smallfox! Horose-28
shoew! I could love that man like my own ambo for being so29
baileycliaver though he's a nawful curillass and I must slav to30
methodiousness. I want him to go and live like a theabild in31
charge of the night brigade on Tristan da Cunha, isle of man-32
overboard, where he'll make Number 106 and be near Inacces-33
sible. (The meeting of mahoganies, be the waves, rementious34
me that this exposed sight though it pines for an umbrella of its35
own and needs a shelter belt of the true service sort to keep its36