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    And they viterberated each other, canis et coluber with the 1
wildest ever wielded since Tarriestinus lashed Pissasphaltium.2
          Unuchorn! 3
          Ungulant! 4
          Uvuloid! 5
          Uskybeak! 6
    And bullfolly answered volleyball. 7
    Nuvoletta in her lightdress, spunn of sisteen shimmers, was 8
looking down on them, leaning over the bannistars and listening9
all she childishly could. How she was brightened when Should-10
rups in his glaubering hochskied his welkinstuck and how she11
was overclused when Kneesknobs on his zwivvel was makeact-12
ing such a paulse of himshelp! She was alone. All her nubied13
companions were asleeping with the squirrels. Their mivver,14
Mrs Moonan, was off in the Fuerst quarter scrubbing the back-15
steps of Number 28. Fuvver, that Skand, he was up in Norwood's16
sokaparlour, eating oceans of Voking's Blemish. Nuvoletta lis-17
tened as she reflected herself, though the heavenly one with his18
constellatria and his emanations stood between, and she tried all19
she tried to make the Mookse look up at her (but he was fore too20
adiaptotously farseeing) and to make the Gripes hear how coy21
she could be (though he was much too schystimatically auricular22
about his ens to heed her) but it was all mild's vapour moist. Not23
even her feignt reflection, Nuvoluccia, could they toke their24
gnoses off for their minds with intrepifide fate and bungless25
curiasity, were conclaved with Heliogobbleus and Commodus26
and Enobarbarus and whatever the coordinal dickens they did27
as their damprauch of papyrs and buchstubs said. As if that was28
their spiration! As if theirs could duiparate her queendim! As if29
she would be third perty to search on search proceedings! She30
tried all the winsome wonsome ways her four winds had taught31
her. She tossed her sfumastelliacinous hair like le princesse de la32
Petite Bretagne and she rounded her mignons arms like Mrs33
Cornwallis-West and she smiled over herself like the beauty of34
the image of the pose of the daughter of the queen of the Em-35
perour of Irelande and she sighed after herself as were she born36