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when not in that order sundering in some different order, alter1
three thirty and a hundred times by the binomial dioram and2
the penic walls and the ind, the Inklespill legends and the rure,3
the rule of the hoop and the blessons of expedience and the jus,4
the jugicants of Pontius Pilax and all the mummyscrips in Sick5
Bokes' Juncroom and the Chapters for the Cunning of the Chap-6
ters of the Conning Fox by Tail.7
    While that Mooksius with preprocession and with propre- 8
cession, duplicitly and diplussedly, was promulgating ipsofacts9
and sadcontras this raskolly Gripos he had allbust seceded in10
monophysicking his illsobordunates. But asawfulas he had11
caught his base semenoyous sarchnaktiers to combuccinate upon12
the silipses of his aspillouts and the acheporeoozers of his haggy-13
own pneumax to synerethetise with the breadchestviousness of14
his sweeatovular ducose sofarfully the loggerthuds of his sakel-15
laries were fond at variance with the synodals of his somepooliom16
and his babskissed nepogreasymost got the hoof from his philio-17
          Efter thousand yaws, O Gripes con my sheepskins, yow 19
will be belined to the world, enscayed Mookse the pius.20
          Ofter thousand yores, amsered Gripes the gregary, be the 21
goat of MacHammud's, yours may be still, O Mookse, more22
          Us shall be chosen as the first of the last by the electress of 24
Vale Hollow, obselved the Mookse nobily, for par the unicum25
of Elelijiacks, Us am in Our stabulary and that is what Ruby and26
Roby fall for, blissim.27
    The Pills, the Nasal Wash (Yardly's), the Army Man Cut, as 28
british as bondstrict and as straightcut as when that broken-29
arched traveller from Nuzuland . . .30
          Wee, cumfused the Gripes limply, shall not even be the 31
last of the first, wee hope, when oust are visitated by the Veiled32
Horror. And, he added: Mee are relying entirely, see the forte-33
thurd of Elissabed, on the weightiness of mear's breath. Puffut!34
    Unsightbared embouscher, relentless foe to social and business 35
succes! (Hourihaleine) It might have been a happy evening but . . .36