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Saint Bowery's-without-his-Walls he came (secunding to the one1
one oneth of the propecies, Amnis Limina Permanent) upon the2
most unconsciously boggylooking stream he ever locked his3
eyes with. Out of the colliens it took a rise by daubing itself Ni-4
non. It looked little and it smelt of brown and it thought in nar-5
rows and it talked showshallow. And as it rinn it dribbled like any6
lively purliteasy: My, my, my! Me and me! Little down dream7
don't I love thee!8
    And, I declare, what was there on the yonder bank of the 9
stream that would be a river, parched on a limb of the olum, bolt10
downright, but the Gripes? And no doubt he was fit to be dried11
for why had he not been having the juice of his times?12
    His pips had been neatly all drowned on him; his polps were 13
charging odours every older minute; he was quickly for getting14
the dresser's desdaign on the flyleaf of his frons; and he was15
quietly for giving the bailiff's distrain on to the bulkside of his16
cul de Pompe. In all his specious heavings, as be lived by Opti-17
mus Maximus, the Mookse had never seen his Dubville brooder-18
on-low so nigh to a pickle.19
    Adrian (that was the Mookse now's assumptinome) stuccstill 20
phiz-à-phiz to the Gripes in an accessit of aurignacian. But All-21
mookse must to Moodend much as Allrouts, austereways or22
wastersways, in roaming run through Room. Hic sor a stone,23
singularly illud, and on hoc stone Seter satt huc sate which it24
filled quite poposterously and by acclammitation to its fullest25
justotoryum and whereopum with his unfallable encyclicling26
upom his alloilable, diupetriark of the wouest, and the athemyst-27
sprinkled pederect he always walked with, Deusdedit, cheek by28
jowel with his frisherman's blague? Bellua Triumphanes, his29
everyway addedto wallat's collectium, for yea longer he lieved30
yea broader he betaught of it, the fetter, the summe and the haul31
it cost, he looked the first and last micahlike laicness of Quartus32
the Fifth and Quintus the Sixth and Sixtus the Seventh giving33
allnight sitting to Lio the Faultyfindth.34
          Good appetite us, sir Mookse! How do you do it? cheeped 35
the Gripes in a wherry whiggy maudelenian woice and the jack-36