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the plane where me arts soar you'd aisy rouse a thunder from and1
where I cling true'tis there I climb tree and where Innocent looks2
best (pick!) there's holly in his ives.3
    As my explanations here are probably above your understand- 4
ings, lattlebrattons, though as augmentatively uncomparisoned5
as Cadwan, Cadwallon and Cadwalloner, I shall revert to a more6
expletive method which I frequently use when I have to sermo7
with muddlecrass pupils. Imagine for my purpose that you are a8
squad of urchins, snifflynosed, goslingnecked, clothyheaded,9
tangled in your lacings, tingled in your pants, etsitaraw etcicero.10
And you, Bruno Nowlan, take your tongue out of your inkpot!11
As none of you knows javanese I will give all my easyfree trans-12
lation of the old fabulist's parable. Allaboy Minor, take your13
head out of your satchel! Audi, Joe Peters! Exaudi facts!14
    The Mookse and The Gripes. 15
    Gentes and laitymen, fullstoppers and semicolonials, hybreds 16
and lubberds!17
    Eins within a space and a wearywide space it wast ere wohned 18
a Mookse. The onesomeness wast alltolonely, archunsitslike,19
broady oval, and a Mookse he would a walking go (My hood!20
cries Antony Romeo), so one grandsumer evening, after a great21
morning and his good supper of gammon and spittish, having22
flabelled his eyes, pilleoled his nostrils, vacticanated his ears and23
palliumed his throats, he put on his impermeable, seized his im-24
pugnable, harped on his crown and stepped out of his immobile25
De Rure Albo (socolled becauld it was chalkfull of masterplasters26
and had borgeously letout gardens strown with cascadas, pinta-27
costecas, horthoducts and currycombs) and set off from Luds-28
town a spasso to see how badness was badness in the weirdest of29
all pensible ways.30
    As he set off with his father's sword, his lancia spezzata, he was 31
girded on, and with that between his legs and his tarkeels, our32
once in only Bragspear, he clanked, to my clinking, from veetoes33
to threetop, every inch of an immortal.34
    He had not walked over a pentiadpair of parsecs from his 35
azylium when at the turning of the Shinshone Lanteran near36