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plight or, played fox and lice, pricking and dropping hips teeth,1
or wringing his handcuffs for peace, the blind blighter, praying2
Dieuf and Domb Nostrums foh thomethinks to eath; if he3
weapt while he leapt and guffalled quith a quhimper, made cold4
blood a blue mundy and no bones without flech, taking kiss,5
kake or kick with a suck, sigh or simper, a diffle to larn and a6
dibble to lech; if the fain shinner pegged you to shave his im-7
martial, wee skillmustered shoul with his ooh, hoodoodoo! brok-8
ing wind that to wiles, woemaid sin he was partial, we don't9
think, Jones, we'd care to this evening, would you?10
    Answer: No, blank ye! So you think I have impulsivism? Did 11
they tell you I am one of the fortysixths? And I suppose you12
heard I had a wag on my ears? And I suppose they told you too13
that my roll of life is not natural? But before proceeding to con-14
clusively confute this begging question it would be far fitter for15
you, if you dare! to hasitate to consult with and consequentially16
attempt at my disposale of the same dime-cash problem elsewhere17
naturalistically of course, from the blinkpoint of so eminent a18
spatialist. From it you will here notice, Schott, upon my for the19
first remarking you that the sophology of Bitchson while driven20
as under by a purely dime-dime urge is not without his cashcash21
characktericksticks, borrowed for its nonce ends from the fiery22
goodmother Miss Fortune (who the lost time we had the pleasure23
we have had our little recherché brush with, what, Schott?) and24
as I further could have told you as brisk as your D.B.C. beha-25
viouristically pailleté with a coat of homoid icing which is in26
reality only a done by chance ridiculisation of the whoo-whoo27
and where's hairs theorics of Winestain. To put it all the more28
plumbsily. The speechform is a mere sorrogate. Whilst the qua-29
lity and tality (I shall explex what you ought to mean by this with30
its proper when and where and why and how in the subsequent31
sentence) are alternativomentally harrogate and arrogate, as the32
gates may be.33
    Talis is a word often abused by many passims (I am working 34
out a quantum theory about it for it is really most tantumising35
state of affairs). A pessim may frequent you to say: Have you been36